Bin Campaign Set To Escalate In Cork

The Campaign against the bin charges in Cork is set to escalate dramatically in the coming weeks if the Corpo go ahead with plans to jail activists it has fined under the Litter Act. The 'fines' were imposed by the court in mid February on activists from the Householders Against The Service Charges (HASC) who have been dumping rubbish outside the City Hall in Cork every Monday night as part of the ongoing campaign against the bin 'double-tax'. The court imposed fines in the region of £75 and £95 and ordered that the money be paid within 28 days or face 3 days in prison. With HASC committed to the non-payment of these fines, every effort will need to be made to build the profile of the campaign in Cork over the forthcoming period.

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This edition is No63 published in March 2001