Cork WSM on Old Head of Kinsale


The Irish Examiner
Academy Street

May 20th, 2003

Dear Sir,

The article on the picnic protest at the Old Head of Kinsale Golf Course (Irish Examiner, May 18th) was incorrect. It stated that the Workers Solidarity Movement and the Cork Anti-War Campaign were the organisers of the event. On behalf of the Workers Solidarity Movement I would like to clarify for the record that we were not the organisers of last Sunday's picnic protest. As an anarchist organisation we wholeheartedly supported the protest but our involvement in the campaign has always been through the broad-based Free The Old Head Campaign - the actual organisers of Sunday's event.

You quote Mr O'Connor as saying that the protesters on Sunday had 'no mandate or no accountability'. Whatever about the veracity of this claim, one has to ask in reply: what is his mandate? We know he is a millionaire and that he has purchased the land on which his golf course is situated. But, it must be emphasised, Mr O'Connor does not own the Old Head of Kinsale Lighthouse nor does he own the coastline surrounding it - yet we are all being denied access to these. It needs to be emphasised that tens of thousands of people have enjoyed the pleasures and the scenic beauty of the Old Head over the decades. Is such a peaceful and relatively passive recreational activity really such a grave threat to 'a game of golf'? I'd doubt it. Mr O'Connor's real interest appears to be in the marketing of the scenery and pleasures of the Old Head of Kinsale to a small and exclusive set of very wealthy clients. Perhaps this explains why he is so heavy-handed and intransigent in his dealing with the Free the Old Head Campaign.

Yours etc.,

Kevin Doyle
Workers Solidarity Movement

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