Chiapas and the Zapatista rebellion

Documents, communiques and images from 1994 to 2004/5

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"The indigenous movement in which zapatismo is inscribed is not trying to return to the past, nor to maintain the unfair pyramid of society, just changing the skin color of the one who mandates and rules from above. The struggle of the Indian peoples of Mexico is not pointing backwards. In a linear world, where above is considered eternal and below inevitable, the Indian peoples of Mexico are breaking with that line and pointing towards something which is yet to be deciphered, but which is already new and better." - Marcos

Beginners start here
These will give you some background information on Mexican history, politics and society and on the struggles of the Mexican people

Chronology of events
The Zapatista rising occurred when four towns were seized on the Jan. 1 1994. The EZLN had been in existence in some form since 1983 but it is only after 1994 that we can begin to construct a clear history of the EZLN and events in Chiapas. The chronology is aimed to help us do this and includes what we consider to be the most important EZLN communiques.



What is it that is different about the Zapatistas?

Chiapas revelaed

Chiapas Revealed

If you want to read the individual articles on the web they are

Or download it and distribute it as a PDF file

Information about Chiapas and the EZLN

The situation in Chiapas

Details on the background and major themes of the struggle in Chiapas. Now includes special sections on the San Andres talks and another on the Mexican governments low intensity war in Chiapas

  • Plan Puebla-Panama in a Nutshell
    a vast infrastructure construction project, designed to please big business, that covers 9 states in south-southeast Mexico and the 7 Central American republics.

Life in the revolution

This section started September 1996 is material that describes how the revolution is being implemented in the EZLN Zone.

What every anarchist should know about the Zapatista's and Chiapas
This page collects articles of interest to anarchists about the Zapatista's and the struggle in Chiapa

EZLN communiques

The EZLN issue regular communiques most of which get translated. Here's a selection of the more important ones. Now includes a section of Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos writings

EZLN revolutionary laws

The EZLN issued a number of revolutionary laws at the start of the conflict, these and some later documents give us an idea of what they are fighting for.

Interviews with the EZLN

A collection of interviews carried out with members of the EZLN.


Information about struggles in Mexico


An Introduction to the struggle

This is the Mexico Information Pack produced on the return of the first Irish human rights delegation to Mexico in January 1996. This work was done by the Irish Mexico Group

Irish Mexico Group

The Irish Mexico Group no longer exists, this web page will continue to archive their work. The IMGworked in particular with the Zapatista community of Diez de April

Irish Mexico Group PDF files

Occupying the grounds of the Mexican embassy

For all the Priistas out there
Why were the Irish in Mexico?

Carlos Salinas de Gotari -an unwelcome visitor to these shores

Leaflet distributed at Bloody Sunday Rally -1997 

The Mexico Bulletin
An archive of articles the IMG wrote or translations the IMG did in the first four issues of the Mexico Bulletin

Irish Mexico Group activities
The IMG organised a number of pickets, public meetings and educational events. The details of some of these can be found here. This listing only covers 1995 check the Mexico Bulletin archive for some of 1996/97

Early days
There were a couple of Irish demo's before the Irish Mexico group formed, here's details of them.

Contact Us
The IMG ino longer existsbut you can contact the Latin American Solidarity Centre at the address below

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Chiapas revelaed

Chiapas Revealed,
Issue 1

If you want to read the individual articles on the web they are

Or download it and distribute it as a PDF file

International solidarity with Mexico

First Intercontinental Gathering For Humanity and Against Neoliberalism

Delegation reports
Reports from various delegations and individuals who have visited Mexico in the period..

Solidarity with Chiapas poster

Print out and display the Solidarity with Chiapas poster



What's happening at the moment?

IndyMedia Chiapas
For the latest Mexican Labour News and also archives of recent labour news from Mexico