The struggles of Civil Society

Mexico Airport

Rebellion in San Salvador Atenco
One, Two, Many Chiapases ; campesino direct action getting the goods

Rate Payers Electricity strike

The Mexican rate payers electricity strike which started in March 1997

The Land war

Many rural conflicts are based around land seizures and the government or landlords attempt to take back the land. Those occupying the land point out it was stolen from them in the first place. This land war report is a sample of such struggles. Michael McCaughan on land seizures in August of 1996 in the EZLN zone

The Unions

The main Mexican union federation has been government controlled for years. In August 1996 yet another state - union deal was agreed on the false basis of a national interest between bosses and workers. But as well as independent unions some sections of this federation are starting to rebel against this control as the 1996 May Day march demonstrated.

Pollution/ Environment

Global exchange report on Human Rights and Environment Human Rights and Environment in Tabasco. January of 1996 saw a massive protests against oil pollution and for a fairer share of the oil income in Tabasco.

A description of some of the pollution caused by the Maquila industrial region on the US border. Interview with a Maquila worker

Indigenous struggles


is a small town that drove out the PRI town council after it tried to impose a Golf course on the town that nobody wanted. The local people took over the running of the town through mass meetings and delegates. This communique was issued after eight months of functioning as an liberated zone and an Amnesty International urgent appeal in connection with the events described in the communique.


The state of Guerrero has seen a lot of repression and the recent arrival of a new Maoist gorilla army called the EPR,. John Ross looks at how the logging activities of multinationals are responsible for a lot of this repression.


The state of the Chiapas has received the most international attention in recent years due to the presence of the EZLN. Outside the EZLN area widespread political killings by the right are taking place, in northern Chiapas.

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