Mexico Bulletin

Up to the end of June 1997 we published four issues of a 12 page publication called the Mexico Bulletin. Some of the material in this consisted of reprints of material available elsewhere (communiques etc) but we've included the unique material below

Chiapas revelaed

Chiapas Revealed,
Issue 1

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Direct News from Chiapas

Making Zapatismo irreversable [No 1]

1st Fact-Finding Delegation Continues to Bear Fruit One Year on... [No 2]

Letter from Diez De Abril [No 2]

Letter from Diez de Abril [No 4]

For Humanity and against neoliberalism

Zapatista Action: An International of hope? [No 1]

Fields of Gold where the workers are treated like dogs [No 1]

Valencia goes to Chiapas: women who went to the Encuentro speak out [No 2]

Senideak-Gureak [No 2]

Friday the 13th: Nightmare on Dame st [No 2]

Solidarity: Thoughts of an IMG activist [No 2]

Neo-liberalism around ... [No 3]

Eurotop in Amsterdam [No 3]

Against the death penalty [No 4]


Struggles in Ireland

Against Racism..New life..New Group [No 4]

The drug trade: Killing the poor, making the rich richer [No 1]

The Table campaign [No 2]

Salinas is hiding in Ireland [No 1]


Networking in Ireland

Local news & activity from Issue 1

Local news & activity from Issue 2

Local news & activity from Issue 3

Local news & activity from Issue 4

Guerrero Massacre highlighted in Irish tour [No 1]


On Mexico


New guerrilleros in Mexico: The E.P.R. [No 2]

Interview with Mario Benedetti [No 3]

Hot post from Barcelona [No 3]

Mumia Abu Jamal, on the Zapatistas [No 3]

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