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About the 'good government juntas'

The good government juntas or caracols are 5 delegate based structures that organise zapatista communities over a large area. There are each on the site of the old 'Aguascalientes' and are R. Barrios, Morelia, La Garrucha, Oventic and Realidad.

Two Flaws - August 2004
There are two mistakes which seem to have persisted in Zapatista political work: the place of women, on the one hand, and, on the other, the relationship between the political-military structure and the autonomous governments.

Three Shoulders August 2004
So we rose up in arms one first day of January in the year of 1994Éin order to seek another shoulder which would help us walk, that is, to exist. Includes the accounts of the five Good Government Juntas

Four Fallacies about the Good Government Juntas - August 2004
These were brandished by intellectuals of the right, judges, legislators and officials in order to oppose the San Andrés Accords, and the putting into practice of those accords with the creation of the caracoles and the Good Government Juntas

Five Decisions of Good Government - Aug 2004
Marcos details the first year of the Good Government Juntas in which some internal accords were formalized and new decisions were defined

Six Advances - August
This is what the zapatista peoples are doing. They're not waiting for the government to give them charity and speeches. They are working to improve their living conditions, and they are achieving that.

Seven Days in Zapatista Territory - August
A snapshot of what is happening on the ground


"the members of the Good Government Juntas change continually. After "rotations" which last from eight to 15 days (according to the region), the junta is replaced. Those who are there then return to their work in autonomous councils, and other authorities come in to run the JBG"


Some communiques from the councils

These are some communiques from the various councils, more will be found in the EZLN Communique index

More communiques will be found on the EZLN communique page

Zapatista mural of Magon

Ricardo Flore Magon 'sowing the seeds of tomorrow' - a detail from the Taniperlas mural which was destroyed by the Mexican army in 1997. Taniperlas is the location of the Zapatista council for the autonomus municipility named after Magon.

List of (some) council names

Councils by region

Selva Border Good Government Junta is called "Hacia la Esperanza" ["Towards Hope"],

The Tzots Choj Good Government Junta is called "Corazo'n del Arcoi'ris de la Esperanza" ["Heart of the Rainbow of Hope"]

The Selva Tzeltal Good Government Junta is called "El Camino del Futuro" ["Path of the Future"]

The Northern Region Good Government Junta is called "Nueva Semilla Que Va a Producir" ["New Seed Which Shall Bring Forth"]

Los Altos of Chiapas Good Government Junta is called "Corazo'n Ce'ntrico de los Zapatistas Delante del Mundo" ["Central Heart of the Zapatistas in Front of the World"]

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