Irish Mexico Group Activities

The Irish Mexico group has organised a large number of public events since it set up in the summer of 1995. The listing here is incomplete and ends in 1996 but gives some idea of the sort of activity we do, sine then we have also established a peace camp at Diez de Abril

  • July 19th 1995 Inaugeration of Irish Mexico Group. With the Zapatistas a talk by journalist Mick McCaughan at the Irish Film Centre, Temple Bar, with Elizabeth Wilcox from the US based Gloabl Exchange.

  • August 17th 1995 Video: Zapatista Women at Culturlinn, West Belfast as part of the West Belfast Film festival with a talk by director Lupita Miranda.

  • August 11th 1995 Video: Zapatista Women at the Irish Film Centre, Temple Bar, with a talk by director Lupita Miranda.

  • August 19th 1995 Video: Zapatista Consulta GPO, Dublin, collection of several hundred consulta's.

  • Tuesday 12th September 1995 Day of Action

    Picket of Mexican embassy to mark St Patricio day

    Showing of the video Uprising 1994 and debate between Ciaran Cosgrove and journalist Mick McCaughan. This is the press release for this event.

  • September 16th 1995 Conference on Military Impunity in Crossmaglen attended by group members.

  • September 29th, 30th 1995 European Zapatista Solidarity Meeting attended at Brescia, Italy.

  • November 1995 Be a Zapatista where-ever you are talk by Shane and Stevin to Fingals Humand rights groups at St Marys Comprehensive

  • November 1995Talk at Portaoise by Ramor hosted by Midlands Development Group.

  • December 4th 1995Zapatista Peoples kitchen at the squat, Arran Quay (now closed).

  • Social that evening to mark departure of delegation

  • December 6 Irish Mexico Group sends the first Irish human rights delegation to Mexico comprised of lawyers, journalists and activists.

  • December 21st 1995Press Conference at Buswells hotel given by returning delegation.

  • Janurary 1996 Dail foreign affairs committee addressed by Delegation

  • January 26 1996 Delegation meet with Bernie Malone, MEP

  • Late January 1996 Publication of 1500 of our Mexico Information Pack's.

  • Feb 2 1996 Delegation meet with Joan Bruton TD

  • Feb 2 1996 Delegation present talks and slide show at Irish Film Centre.

  • Feb 2 1996 Talk with video at One World Centre, Belfast with delegation members and others.

  • February 1996Simon and Shange give talk at Mary Immaculate School, Darndale

  • March 13 1996 Second part of delegation returns and addresses Dail Foreign Affairs Committee

  • March 21st 1996 Zapatista Women video and talk given at Maynooth

    Irish Mexico Group organises takes part in four events as part of Latin American week.

  • March 23rd Seminar on Military Impunity at IFC

  • March 23rd Street Theater at Central Bank featuring children from Mary Immaculate school, Darndale

  • March 28rd Portlaoise, Delegation gives talk and slide show

  • March 30rd The renewal of hope and struggle in Mexico meeting in Buswells with Zapatista Delerium

  • May 25th Irish gathering for humanity and against neo-liberalism in Dublin

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