What every anarchist should know about the Zapatista's and Chiapas

This page collects articles of interest to anarchists about the Zapatista's and the struggle in Chiapas. If you know of additional articles that should be included here email me

Beginners start here
These will give you some background information on Mexican history, politics and society and on the struggles of the Mexican people

What is it that is different about the Zapatistas?
Long and detailed article that looks at the way the Zapatists organise and what possible influences there are from historic Mexican anarchist movement.


Was originally published as part of the Irish Mexico Groups bulletin 'Chiapas revealed', you can download a PDF file of this

Chiapas revelaed

Chronology of events
The Zapatista rising occurred when four towns were seized on the Jan. 1 1994. The EZLN had been in existence in some form since 1983 but it is only after 1994 that we can begin to construct a clear history of the EZLN and events in Chiapas. The chronology is aimed to help us do this and includes what we consider to be the most important EZLN communique

Zapatista mural of Magon

Ricardo Flore Magon 'sowing the seeds of tomorrow' - a detail from the Taniperlas mural which was destroyed by the Mexican army in 1997. Taniperlas is the location of the Zapatista council for the autonomus municipility named after Magon.


Useful communiques

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