Information on the EPR and other elements of the Mexican left

First Chiapas, now Guerrero - Mexico's new guerrillas
Le Monde Diplomatique on the EPR and EPRI

US Army magazine on Mexico's Other Insurgents

MexPaz lists EPR activities, reactions to them and what more is know about them.

The state of Guerrero has seen a lot of repression and the arrival of a new Maoist gurillea army called the NPR. John Ross looks at how the logging activities of multinationals are responsible for a lot of the repression that gave rise to revolt in Guerrero.

The Maoist Frente Amplio para la Construccion del Movimiento de Liberacion Nacional (FAC-MLN) have received a lot of attention recently as a result of government claims they are somehow linked to the EPR.

In December 1997 some 46 members of a pacifist movement, Las Abejas were massacred, here are two documents from "The Bees" - (Las Abejas) of Chiapas explaining what happened and who they are.

EZLN about the left

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