Leaflet distributed at
Bloody Sunday Rally -1997

For Humanity

Last Summer the Irish Mexico Group brought members of a Mexican farm workers group (OCSS) to Derry to meet relatives of those murdered by the British Army on Bloody Sunday. Here they laid a wreath at the Bloody Sunday memorial.

In June of 1995 Mexican police had opened fire on a truck carrying members of the OCSS to a demonstration, killing 17 and wounding others. As in Derry the police claimed those shot were armed and had started shooting at them.

As in Derry they also planted weapons on the dead but the state version of the story collapsed when an unedited video of the massacre was shown on a Mexican TV station.

Last July in Mexico some 4,000 activists from 43 countries, including Ireland, met to discuss how the grassroots struggles of ordinary people for democracy and justice could support each other on an international basis. This gathering was called "The Intercontinental Gathering for Humanity and against Neoliberalism" (Neoliberalism being the global name for 'Thatcherist economics'). Out of this conference came the exchange of experience and three ideas for the future

1. To form a communication network between those involved in struggles.

2. To seek ways in which people in struggle could network in solidarity with each other

3. To hold a second gathering in the Summer of 1997 in Europe.

The second gathering will be held in the early Summer in the Spanish state. Last year a few people from Ireland made it to Mexico, hopefully this year many, many more will go to Spain. In advance of the gathering in Spain the IMG is also intending to organise a gathering in Ireland. If you would like to take part in these events, or just want more information please write to us

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