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Media statement about the
'Protection of Human Life in Pregnancy' Bill

Dublin Abortion Rights Group condemns the attempt to deny suicidal women with crisis pregnancies the option of an abortion. The government is playing politics with the lives of very vulnerable women in order to retain the votes of four independent TDs.

Misconceptions about Abortion common in Ireland

Who we are and what we stand for:

This web page is for the Dublin Abortion Rights Group. We were the organisers of the massive march in 1992 when the government attempted to intern 'X', a 14-year-old rape victim, in order to prevent her travelling to England to get an abortion. Then we were the 'Dublin Abortion Information Campaign' as we were struggling against the ban on information.

The outrage and public protest at the time of the 'X' case meant ordinary people took a stand. In the 1992 referendum the ban on abortion information was overturned and the 'right to travel' was put into the constitution. We called for people to vote 'no' to the attempt to restrict abortion rights only to cases where a woman's life, but not her health, was threatened by a pregnancy.

DARG demands:

1. As a minimum, legislation to provide for abortion in Ireland as required by the X case.

2. The repeal of the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution, and of the 1861 Act which makes abortion a crime.

3. That pregnant women have the right to make fully informed and freely chosen decisions on their pregnancy. This requires:

(a) The provision of free and freely available abortion facilities in the state to all women who wish to terminate their pregnancies.

(b) The provision of a guaranteed minimum income, housing, support facilities etc. to all women who continue their pregnancies and keep their child.

(c) A supportive attitude to all women who decide to opt for adoption, and recognition of the rights of women and children in this position.

(d) Provision of pregnancy counselling, contraception and sex and relationships education to all who require it.

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Abortion Information

The situation for Irish women seeking an abortion abroad has improved in recent years. Women no longer need seek this information on the back of toilet doors. However we realise that particularly in rural Ireland this information can be hard to come by and some women may look up our page specifically for such contacts. Below is useful information for Irish women seeking an abortion


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Alliance for Choice

Alliance for Choice is an organisation of Catholics and Protestants, women and men, campaigning for the extension of the1967 Abortion Act to Northern Ireland.

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