Media statement about the
'Protection of Human Life in Pregnancy' Bill

Thursday, November 22nd 2001

Dublin Abortion Rights Group condemns the attempt to deny suicidal women with crisis pregnancies the option of an abortion. The government is playing politics with the lives of very vulnerable women in order to retain the votes of four independent TDs.

The government are hypocrites. If it is legal to receive information about abortion services in other countries and legal to travel abroad to avail of them, why should it not be legal to provide the same services here in Ireland?

100,000 women from Irish addresses have had legal abortions in Britain since 1985. These are our daughters, sisters, mothers and grandmothers.

If they had attempted to have the very same abortions in Ireland they would have been criminalised; and under the proposed legislation would face up to 12 years in jail.

Dublin Abortion Rights Group, along with pro-choice organisations all over Ireland, will campaign to defeat this anti-choice referendum.

Dublin Abortion Rights Group

PO Box no. 7344, Dublin 8

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