Submission to the interdepartmental working group on abortion

Dublin Abortion Rights Group

March 1988


A. The Dublin Abortion Rights Group

Statement of Aims

B. Abortion in Ireland

DARG Summary of the Law

C. The DARG view:

The Need for a Right to Abortion in Ireland

(a) The Extent of Abortion among Irish women

(b) The Law on Abortion in Ireland: Legal Uncertainty

(c) Changing Public Opinion on Abortion

(d) Conclusion: the Need for a Right to Abortion in Ireland

D. DARG Recommendations on the
Minimum Legal Reform Possible without amending the Constitution

(1) Criminal Law

The Offences Against the Person Act 1861

(2) E.U. Law

(a) Information on Abortion

(b) Protocol No. 17 to the Maastricht Treaty

(3) Travel

(4) The Need for Legislation on Abortion

The Defeated Twelfth Amendment (Nov.1992)

(5) Content of Legislation on Abortion

(a) Definition of the 'Unborn'

(b) Threat to the Life of the Pregnant Woman

(c) Protection for Doctors who carry out Abortions

(d) Abortion to be made available through the health system

(6) Conclusion

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