Irish Women need abortion rights now

Dublin Abortion Rights Group Press Release 1
0 September 1999

Irish Women need abortion rights now

The Dublin Abortion Rights Group [DARG] today welcomed the publication of the Government Green Paper and called for the introduction of free, safe and legal abortion to be made available in Ireland. The inclusion in the Green Paper of option 7(e) for the introduction of a right to abortion on request, in particular, marks a step forward in the debate on this issue.

DARG totally rejected the idea of yet another anti-abortion referendum.

DARG Spokesperson Ivana Bacik said:

" There have been four referenda about abortion in the past 16 years. None of these have stopped Irish women having abortions; 6,000 in the last year alone. What is needed is a real commitment from the government to seriously address the number of crisis pregnancies in Ireland and to put in place legislation that provides for the real needs of Irish women.

We must ensure that, as a minimum, legislation is introduced to provide for abortion in Ireland when a woman's life or health is at risk. The Fianna Fail government pledged to do this in November 1992, to implement the Supreme Court judgment in the X case.

The Dublin Abortion Rights Group has held a number of events recently. The reaction of the general public has been remarkably positive. We will continue and step up our work to promote pro-choice views and stress the need for abortion services to be made available to women in Ireland."


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