Dublin Abortion Rights Group condemns government secrecy on Abortion

24th February 1998

The Dublin Abortion Rights Group today announced that the launch of their submission on abortion would be postponed until March, due to the extending of time for the acceptance of submissions by the Government Working Group on abortion until 31st March.

The DARG questioned the granting of this extension of time, and called for the Government to name the organisations which had requested the extension, and to explain why their request was granted. The DARG condemned the secretive nature of the decision to extend time, and stated that this unexpected and unexplained extension of time highlighted the need for transparency in the proceedings of the Working Group, to ensure that law on abortion is formulated in the context of informed public debate.

Ivana Bacik of the Dublin Abortion Rights Group said today:

"We in the Dublin Abortion Rights Group believe that too many decisions about abortion law have been made in secret. The Government must explain why they will not be releasing the recommendations from Evelyn Mahon's report, and why the Cabinet Sub-Committee on abortion has not yet met. It is time for open informed public debate on this issue."


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