DARG launches submission on abortion law

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Dublin 8
Email: darg_irl@yahoo.com
20th March 1998


The Dublin Abortion Rights Group is holding a press conference to launch their submission on abortion law for the Government Working Group. The Group is calling for abortion legislation to be introduced immediately, to implement the X case decision to allow abortion where a woman's life is at risk. The Group is also campaigning for repeal of the Eighth Amendment, to allow abortion to be freely available in Ireland.

This submission on abortion law will be launched at 11.00 am on Tuesday 24th March in the Earl of Kildare Hotel (formerly Powers), Kildare Street, Dublin. The submission will then be sent to the Government Working Group on Abortion, before the 31st March closing date. A number of other pro-choice submissions from different groups will also be launched at the press conference.

Ivana Bacik of the Dublin Abortion Rights Group said yesterday:

"We want the Working Group to receive as many pro-choice submissions as possible, and so we will be launching submissions from a number of different organisations on Tuesday 24th March. We want to ensure that abortion becomes legally available in Ireland for the thousands of Irish women who still have to travel to England every year. We believe that the recent Women and Crisis Pregnancy Report clearly shows the need for legal abortion in Ireland. "


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