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[ PDF file of RBR 10 ]

PDF file of RBR 9]


WS 89 cover
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WS 89

  • Why are they still running our schools?
  • Pushers Out! - The inside story of Dublin's anti-drugs movement
  • Elections in Haiti - What about Democracy?
  • Irish Ferries: Time to break the law
  • Bad things happen: Tales from the frontline in Iraq
  • Thinking about anarchism: Anarchism and human nature
  • Swedish and Finnish Commuters Take Direct Action for Free Public Transport
  • 2 Years In Jail For Criticising Islam

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What is communism

What is communism?
The complete artilce of which an extract appears in Red And Black Revolution No 10. "Of course its not that important to get hung up on a name, for many people the Concise definition of communism being something to do with Marx and the USSR is the one they know. For us the name of the post-capitalist society we aim to help construct is a detail, what matters is the content of the ideas."



PDF WS88 contents

  • Tescos Exploits Foreign Workers
  • Why Would Gays Want To Marry?
  • Politicians - We Don't Need Them!
  • The Price of Being Reasonable
  • Solidarity - The Working Class Weapon
  • Popular Response to Shell's Pipeline Shows Way Forward
  • Rebel Girl: Elizabeth Gurley Flynn's Autobiography
  • As Capitalists Waste Earth's Resources
  • Thinking About Anarchism: Organisation

cover ws88

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PDF WS87 contents

  • People Power Confronts Shell
  • Dangerous Men Loose in Dublin
  • New radical spaces in Cork city
  • Gama Workers' Strike Wins Back Stolen Cash
  • Review: 'Anarchism & Environmental Survival' by Graham Purchase..
  • Irish Ferries Fly The Jolly Roger
  • The G8, Live 8, and Africa - Taking Hypocrisy to New Levels
  • That's capitalism
  • Anarchism and the WSM
  • Thinking about Anarchism - Social Revolution
  • INTO Branch Opposes Tactics Of Deportation Cops
  • Man Deported Because Of Garda Brutality Cover up

Workers Solidarity 85

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PDF WS85 contents

  • The Murder Machine
  • Postal Workers Under Fire
  • The great Housing rip off
  • The Iraqi 'Resistance'
  • International Women's Day
  • Book Review: Peter Kropotkin's Masterpiece 'The Conquest of Bread'
  • Water Tax
  • Red Ink Bookshop
  • Cork City: Culture of Capital
  • Liberty
  • Internet Review: Dissent Network Against the G8
  • Getting organised for a brighter future
  • That's Capitalism 

RBR 8 cover

Red and Black Revolution 8

  • After the Dust Settles - Lessons from the Summit Protests
  • Summit protests and networks
  • Media Mayhem - Anarchists and the Mass Media.
  • Playing the Media Game
  • The ideas of James Connolly
  • Workers Without Bosses - Workers' Self-Management in Argentina
  • Review: No Global - The People of Ireland Versus the multinationals

PDF file of Red and Black Revolution 8

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Quick stats


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No Masters 1

No Masters issue 1

Anarchy or Chaos? [PDF version]
General introduction to Anarchism Originally done for Marxism 2004


Anarchy or Chaos


Spirit of Mayday

Reclaiming Mayday

4 page leaflet produced form Mayday 2004 in Britain. Three articles making up a general introduction to the anarchist origins of May Day and why we need to reclaim its anarchist spirit.

The Spirit of May Day
The Origins of May Day
Reclaiming the Labour Movement

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Civilisation, Primitivism and anarchism


Vote No: Send a Message to McDowell on June 11th
If we vote 'Yes' on June 11th, children who were born in Ireland, and have never set foot outside of Ireland, will have no rights as Irish citizens. They will be liable to be kicked out of their own country.

Vote No June 11
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Cover of WS81

WS81 contents

  • Democracy Where Are You?
  • Vote NO to Racist Referendum
  • Haiti and US Terrorism
  • Ireland's 'Traditional' Racism Remains
  • Review: We Are Everywhere
  • We Don't Want Your Vote
  • Building the Anti-War Movement from Below
  • State Terrorism
  • The Pay-Rise is in the Post
  • Abortion Rights Still Denied

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European union

What's wrong with the EU

PDF pamphlet on the European Union which outlines the problems with the direction it has taken.

Articles include


Articles include

  • Has the Black Block tactic reached the end of its usefulness?
  • Where to Now? Anti-capitalist protest - global and local
  • Repressing Abortion in Ireland
  • Direct Action against the war in Ireland
  • The IAWM's dismal leadership" A critique of the politics of Trotskyism
  • Industrial Collectivisation during the Spanish Revolution
  • If you want to create Socialism - it must be based on Freedom
  • Open Borders: The case against immigration controls
  • The trouble with Islam

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Red and Black Revolution 7
PDF file of Red And Black Revolution 7

The anarchists are coming


  • Sunday Independent claims anarchists are 'infiltrating' bin tax campaign
  • Service Charges Taking from the poor to give to the rich
  • Government announces new 'turd tax'
  • Anarchists, the bin tax & direct action
  • The Bin Tax & Privatisation
  • Cork Against the Bin Tax

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Workers Soldiarity 78

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Start or revolution

PDF file of State or Revolution

PDF file of The revolutionary message of the Friends of Durruti
20 pages booklet on the Spanish anarchist group with introduction by Daniel Guerin

The revolutionary message of the Friends of Durruti


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PDF posters on the Struggle site
A collection of PDF posters for you to print out and display

PDF Leaflets on the Struggle site
Various PDF leaflets
(1-4 pages)

PDF booklets on the Struggle site
Somewhat longer texts from 5 to 24 pages