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This is a collection of PDF booklets (4+ pages) produced for the Struggle site which you can print out and distibute. For recent additions and other PDF files (posters etc) check out the Struggle PDF page

RBR 8 cover

Red and Black Revolution 8

  • After the Dust Settles - Lessons from the Summit Protests
  • Summit protests and networks
  • Media Mayhem - Anarchists and the Mass Media.
  • Playing the Media Game
  • The ideas of James Connolly
  • Workers Without Bosses - Workers' Self-Management in Argentina
  • Review: No Global - The People of Ireland Versus the multinationals

PDF file of Red and Black Revolution 8

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Reclaim the streets

PDF file of Reclaim our Streets

Articles include

  • Reclaim our Streets/ Critical Mass
  • The Politics of the car
  • How one RTS was organised
  • Stuck in a traffic jam every day?
  • Anarchism & Environmental Survival

Making history or just repeating it?
A leaflet discussing why socialism and electioneering do not go together. Available in pdf format and in four parts:

PDF file of Making history or just repeating it?

Anarchism and elections in Britain

The tyranny of the structurelessness

The tyranny of the structurelessness
Why organisations need some structure to ensure they are democratic

The Orange Order pamphlet

The Orange Order & sectarianism in Ireland

Articles include

  • The Orange Order - an enemy of ALL workers
  • The Protestant working class
  • Time to stop beating the Orange Drum
  • Marching to nowhere
  • Stirring Up Sectarian Hatred
  • King Billy Revisited
  • The 1798 Rebellion and the Orange Order
  • When the Falls and the Shankill fought together
  • Peace deal offers sectarian war or sectarian peace
  • Neither Orange nor Green

Anti capitalism or state capitalism

I Anti-Capitalism or State Capitalism?
II Socialism or Statism?
III Does it matter?
VI For a real anti-capitalism!

An 8 pamphlet on the state capitalist and statist nature of Bolshevism which also explains the anarchist alternative

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Against war and terrorism cover

PDF file of Against War and Terrorism issue 2


  • Enduring war and popular mobilisation
  • Aftermath for Afghanistan
  • Empire in Central Asia
  • Civil Liberties and Civil Rights in the USA
  • Israel / Palestine is a war zone
  • The modern schizophrenia of Islamic integralism
  • Why the Reversion to Islamic Archaism?


PDF booklet
on Paris 1968


  • An anarchist history of the events
  • A detailed eyewitness account of the Paris revolt first published in 1968 

Paris 1968

Empire review cover

PDF file Is the emperor wearing clothes?

A review of Negri and Hardt's Empire from an anarchist perspective?

Fighting Global Capitalism

A 16 page PDF booklet that you can download, print out and distribute

  • Who are the IMF, G8, World Bank, WTO etc
  • The anarchist economic alternative to globalisation
  • Africa, anarchism & neo-liberalism
  • The media and the anti capitalist globalisation movement
  • Reviews of No LOGO and Globalise This!
  • Anarchism & the Anti-Globalization Movement

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Fighting Global Capitalism cover

Chiapas revealed PDF file

Chiapas Revealed,
Issue 1

Chiapas revealed (24 page magazine)


Anarchism in Action:
The Spanish Civil War


Anarchism and the Spanish Civil War


A pamphlet about the first encounter for humanity and against neoliberalism.


PDF file :The 1798 Rebellion
In June of 1795 several Irish Protestants gathered on top of Cave Hill, overlooking Belfast. They swore " never to desist in our efforts until we had subverted the authority of England over our country and asserted our independence". Three years later 100,000 rose against Britain in the first Irish republican insurrection. Andrew Flood examines what they were fighting for and how they influenced modern Irish nationalism.

1798 rebellion leaflet

Anarchist stuff

Most recent Workers Solidarity

Most recent Red & Black Revolution

Org platform cover

Parliament or Democracy

Parliament or Democracy?

The detailed anarchist argument of why parliamentary elections do not give us democracy. Also available as a PDF booklet

Stalin didn't fall from the moon
A 12 page pamphlet on the Russian revolution

Russian revolution pamphlet

Womens liberation

Sex, Class and womens oppression
A 14 page pamphlet of anarchist articles against the oppression of women

Against War and Terrorism - an anarchist pamphlet

[PDF file of pamphlet]

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  • Capitalist Terror and Madness
  • "Why do they hate us"?
  • The tragedy of Afghanistan
  • Building an antiwar movement
  • The anarchist alternative
  • Diversity in Islam for Absolute Beginners
  • History of anarchist anti-imperialism
  • Commissars of the Free Press
  • Anarchism is the cure

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