PDF Leaflets on the Struggle site

This is a collection of PDF leaflets (1 to 4 pages) produced for the Struggle site which you can print out and distribute. For recent additions and other PDF files (booklets etc) check out the Struggle PDF page

PDF file of What is Anarchism leaflet
A two page explanation of the anarchist idea that you can print out, copy and distribute locally

What is anarchism

PDF file of The EU, globalisation and Seville
How the EU is a motor for globalisation and how its decision effect Irish workers. Also looks at the so called 'inquiry' into the Gardai riot at the RTS street party.


Seville EU summit

Libertarian call to Seville

 PDF file of Libertarian call to Sevilla 2002
2 page leaflet of international libertarain text for you to print out and distribute


Anti cap leaflet

Anti-Capitalism or State Capitalism?
A 4 page leaflet handed out at a Globalise Resistance conference showing the state capitalist nature of Bolshevism.

[Download the PDF file]

Call this choice

PDF file of Call this Choice?
Leaflet for the General election

Cover of Alternative to Lenin

The anarchist alternative to Leninism


PDF file of anarchist Sellafield leaflet
Sellafield leaflet

May Day leaflet
The Origins of May Day


A history of the fight against the Water Charges in Dublin
Article from Red & Black Revolution about this succesful struggle against an unjust tax

Water Charge

Socialism from Below

What is Socialism from Below
A four page leaflet explaining What Socialism from Below is and why it is incompatable with Leninism

What happened at the G8 protests in Genoa

Genoa G8 protest

On the left An account from an Irish anarchist who was with the Black Block. Available as a PDF file for you to print out and distribute


On the right the PDF file of a leaflet written before the protests

G8  protests in Genoa

Against capitalist war and terror

PDF file of Against Capitalist War and terror

PDF file of Media Mogul ate my hamster
What wrong with the media and pointers to alternative media


Media Mogul ate my hamster

PDF file of the statement Washington DC: Anti-Capitalist Convergence issues call against the war


Anti capitalist war statement

For recent additions and other PDF files (booklets etc) check out the Struggle PDF page