Articles from Workers Solidarity in 2004

WS 83

His Master's Voice
Government scapegoating of immigrants encourages racist thugs

Up Against the Wall
An Eyewitness Report from Palestine

Bleeding Education Dry
OECD Report Advocates Increased Fees, More Inequality

Deported to be Mutilated?
Make Female Genital Mutilation Grounds for Asylum

Thats capitalism
Work-Free Day 'Partnership' Bare Breasts War Does Pay

Dublin Bus Drivers Suspended for Union Organising
Are You or Have You Ever Been a Member of the Independent Workers Union

Join a Union, Why Bother?
It is not surprising that many people no longer see the relevance of joining a trade union, and that a lot of workers see those 'leading' the trade union movement as part of the problem rather than the solution

Justice in a corrupt society
Why is it that there is no expensive tribunals set up to 'establish the truth' about joyriding in Darndale

The Business of Brutality
Weapons Conference in Dublin - Less Lethal, More Repressive

Internet Review
Urban75 is a great example of how the net has facilitated the creation of new communities of interest and culture

Free Education!
Reviews of A Primer of Libertarian Education


Workers Solidarity No82

September 2004

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The Folly of Racism
Citizenship Referendum:Politicians played the race card and most workers were fooled

Surviving on the Minimum Wage in Dublin
The amount of money you earn is one of the most important factors that influence your quality of life.

SIPTU's Dirty Deal
SIPTU has signed its first ever no-strike deal with Connex, who run Dublin's LUAS trams

Slaughter and Lies
Over the past decade Chechnya has been torn apart by a vicious and brutal war between Russia and Chechen separatists.

Squatting in Dublin
One Squatter's Story: On August 8th of last year, a group of us moved into an abandoned and run down house on Leeson St and proceeded to make it our home

The Joy of Reclaiming Streets
The first feeling at any Reclaim The Streets is a strange one for someone accustomed to the plodding, predictability of your usual lefty "protest".

Review of Understanding Power by Noam Chomsky
Understanding Power is a collection of edited interviews, presentations and discussions that Noam Chomsky has had with activists and community groups over the ten year period from 1989-99

That's capitalism
The rich in Ireland and the state of the health service

The Role of the Gardai
The primary role of the police is to preserve the status quo in society. In other words, the first task of the police force, of any police force, is to ensure the rule of the State and the rich elite

Thinking about Anarchism - Crime
Whatever nice theories about crime anarchists might come up with we can be sure that any community subjected to a murder or a rape will want something done about it.

About Workers Solidarity
We don't believe that being able to choose between a bunch of gangsters, grafters and gombeen men every few years adds up to democracy

Midwest USA: An anarchist view
It was my first time in the USA. I came with all the baggage. I had lived near a tourist town and had experienced thousands of grey haired, green clad, overweight, camera wielding yanks. The Mid West was an eye-opener.

Cover of WS81

Workers Solidarity No81

May/June 2004

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Democracy Where Are You?
When the EU circus leaves, we start concentrating on the visit of the world's no. 1 terrorist, George W. Bush. Let's all make sure he knows how we feel about him when the leader of the 'free' world lands.

Vote NO to Racist Referendum
The government is trying to create a smokescreen to cover up their own failures by rushing through a referendum to attack Irish children's rights.

That's capitalism
The hundred richest Irish people to deporting McDowell

Haiti and US Terrorism
Haiti has long suffered from Uncle Sam's interventions. Born through slaves' revolts against their French masters, Haiti was the first black republic in the world -1804 - and for that has paid a high price.

Ireland's 'Traditional' Racism Remains
An interview with Mrs Ellen Mongan, a Traveller with seven children.
It's 2004 and close to 1,000 Traveller famlies are still living on the roadside without access to basic facilities-water, sanitation or electricity

Review: We Are Everywhere
We Are Everywhere is a collection of articles, photos and interviews about the past decade of global anti-capitalist resistance. What marks this book out is that all the contributors are activists

We Don't Want Your Vote
Most, if not all, of the left wing political parties in Ireland are standing candidates in the up-coming local elections. Members of the Workers Solidarity Movement will not be joining them

Building the Anti-War Movement from Below
The question now is what sort of broad anti-war movement can be built that is genuinely inclusive and democratic?

State Terrorism
If we examine history and look at current events in the world we are confronted by a multitude of examples of state terrorism.

The Pay-Rise is in the Post
Dishonest newsroom bosses told us about the "strike" in An Post. There was no strike by workers, but there were hundreds of workers suspended in what was effectively a lock-out by management.

Abortion Rights Still Denied
In 1861, abortion was made a criminal offence in Ireland. One hundred and forty three years later the Irish government continues to deny women their right to choice.

Workers Solidarity No80

March/April 2004

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Workers Solidarity No80

Mayday Mayday
EU leaders in the castle - we'll take the streets. On Saturday, the first of May, anarchists and other activists from the Dublin Grassroots Network are calling for a day of action and protest against the EU.

Quebec 1, Global Elite 0
When the summit circus came to Quebec and lost. The Summit of the Americas, a meeting of 34 head of state to advance the agenda of neo-liberal capitalism, was held in Québec in 2001.

Deporting our neighbours - Government plays race card to divide and rule
It suits the Irish elite to scapegoat refugees for all the problems that their mismanagement of society causes. The ruling class wants to set Irish workers against immigrant workers so as to prevent the workers from seeing that their interests are the same regardless of nationality

Thinking about Anarchism - Immigration
The flip side to the world of freedom of movement for the wealthy and their commodities is that there are massive restrictions on the freedom of movement for those seeking to escape the poverty of the third world.

On the frontlines of the health crisis
An interview with Dr. Ciara McMeel, a GP working in West Tallaght

Book Review - Palestine by Joe Sacco
In the book '1984', Winston Smith is told what the future is going to be like. He is told to imagine a boot grinding a face into the ground over and over again.

International Women's Day
International Women's Day is an expressly political day. In 1907 women sweatshop workers marched in New York and thus the first International Women's day was born.

Hijab: lifting the veil
Standing up to religious oppression or state racism? Ultimately we believe that people should have the freedom to dress whatever way they like. This means freedom from state interference and freedom from religious interference in how one should dress.

Transport privatisation: working conditions under attack
Reduce wage costs, increase fares, cut back on less used routes. That's the plan for the bus service. Airport workers are also looking at worsening conditions with the threatened break up of Aer Rianta

Thats capitalism
Racist attacks, Fianna Fail bribes and housing shortages in Ireland

Workers Solidarity 79

Workers Solidarity No79

Jan 2004

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A busy year for the anarchist bogeyman
On virtually every occasion that anarchists were mentioned in the media in 2003, it was in the context of a scare story about threatened violence. The reality of anarchist activity was far, far different. While we were arrested, fined, injuncted and jailed in significant numbers for taking part in peaceful protests, we did not thrown a blow at a single person. Never once were we given a chance to give our side of the story.

Anarchism on the Move
Kieron Barry reviews 2003, a busy year for Irish Anarchists. A small but growing number of anarchists are building opposition to the status quo based on the politics of freedom and equality

Thats capitalism
Health, education, housing, employers and MEP's

Bertie's European Act
Over the next six months you will be hearing a lot about the European Union (EU). Part of the reason for this is that Ireland is taking over 'The Presidency' of the EU, but the other part is that in June elections will be held for the European 'parliament' in Brussels.

The final victory will be the people's
An interview with AB, an Iranian Dissident in Exile in Ireland.

Restlesness in the Andes
The Bolivian people suffer from one of the most blatant and shameless exploitations in the world by both their local and foreign rulers. They have a long tradition of organisation and direct action.

Book Review - Do or Die - vol 10
Voices from the Ecological Resistance

An important principle of anarchism and one that more than any other differentiates it from other types of socialism is its emphasis on freedom and non-hierarchical social relations. Central to anarchism is the rejection of any power hierarchy between men and women.

The Fight for a Free Iraq
What is life like for the Iraqi workers caught under the occupation and all too often in the cross-fire? The US/UK occupying force is not too happy that Iraqi workers are organizing themselves rather then obeying the puppet Iraqi Governing Council

Wages Up 23%!
(of course not - only the bin-tax jumps up like that) The anti-bin tax campaign fought a long, hard struggle in 2003 involving pickets, blockades in estates and outside depots.