Anarchism in Ireland

An index of Irish anarchist resources and contacts on the internet

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Mailing lists
Mailing lists that are specifically for or about Irish anarchists

Discussion list moderated by members of Irish anarchist organisations. Also has news posts from the various organisations. Traffic is quite high, sometimes over 30 posts a week. Mail to join.

Unmoderated discussion list that is dominated by various left spam. Mail to join.

WSM (below) announcment list, guranteed to be less then 8 posts a week and often only 2 or 3.

Concerned with Prisoners, Prisons and related areas, run by Dublin APS. It encourage sposting & debate about all categories of Prisoners and Prisons. To subscribe to the list send an e-mail with the text ' subscribe lumpenlist ' to

Broadly libertarian
Mailing lists that are run by organisations or people close to anarchism but who for one reason or another don't use the anarchist label

Announcement list of the Grassroots Gathering meetings, no more then one mail per week. Mail to join.

Discussion list for use in between Grassroots Gathering. Mail ggDiscuss to join.

Envionmental network with a libertarian structure. Join by mailing

Of interest to anarchists
Mailing lists that should be of interest to anarchists

For Irish discussion and organisation around globalisation. Mail to join.

Organising list which includes people from several anti-racist groups in Ireland. Mail to join.

Irish Labour History
Set up to discuss Irish Labour History, its intended as a resource for activists and academics alike. Mail irl_labour_history to join.

Web Boards

News service with some Irish and international anarchist news

Indymedia Ireland
Activist news site on which anyone can post reports or photos of events in Ireland


Workers Solidarity Movement
Anarchist Communist organisation founded in 1984 has a massive web site which includes everthing they published since 1991.

Formed in 2003 by merger of AF and ASF (see below)

Anarchist Prisoner Support
Here we will be highlighting Prisoners and any campains that they are running, and providing an outlet for prisoners witting, while they are inside.

Magpie collective
Dublin based affinity group, no web page, email at

Cork Anarchist Group
No web page, email

Anarchist organisations that no longer exist but have web archives

Anarchist Federation
Irish branch of the British Anarchist Federation founded in 2001, British AF founded 1986. Irish AF merged with ASF in 2003 to found a new organisation with an old name, Organise!

Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation
Formed out of the Syndicalist Solidarity Network in 2001, merged with AF in 2003 to found a new organisation with an old name, Organise!

Irish section of the International Workers Association

Syndicalist Solidarity Network
Went on to become the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation

Broadly libertarian
Organisations that organise in a way that is compatable with anarchism but may not use that label

Dublin Grassroots Network
Network of Dublin libertarian individuals and groups

say no to Fortress Europe, protest in Dublin at the Mayday No Borders weekend 2004

Pitstop Ploughshares
On 3rd February 2003, as part of ongoing resistance at Shannon Airport, the Pitstop Ploughshares disarmed a US warplan

a movement of people mainly in colleges around Ireland supporting one another to raise awareness of environmental and social justice issues

Reclaim the Streets
Reclaiming public space for the people to party!

Bad books Dublin
A venture to promote the sharing of books on politics, activism and alternatives to mainstream culture, the kind of books unavailable in Dublin's main libraries

Organisations that no longer exist which organised in a way that is compatable with anarchism but did not use that label

Garden of Delight
A self managed space in Dublin's city center that was ran by a collective from January to September 1997.


EU presidency
Information on anarchist/libertarian happenings during the EU presidency

Grassroots Gatherings
Regular meetings of libertarian groups and individuals from all over Ireland

Anarchist Summer camp
Each summer Irish anarchists head off for a few days for a bit of singing, drinking and walking

Publications whose produces distribute in Ireland in printed form (ie not just web/PDF)


Workers Solidarity
Free 4*A3 newsheets, appears 6 times a year in a print run of 6,000.

Working Class Resistance
To appears every two months, produced by Organise!

Red & Black Revolution
Twenty A4 page magazine appearing twice a year

Anarchist News
Free occasional A4 newsheet

Cork Anarchist Conspiracy
Produced by Cork anarchist group every few months. No web page

No Masters
Published by anarchists on Irish campuses

No longer in production

Solidarity Bulletin
Free/Donation 8*A4 magazine produced by ASF

Agitational sheet of the AF, 23 issues were produced

Joint Bulletin Anarchist Federation of Ireland and ASF

Bricriú's Pen
Occasional Derry anarchist newletters

Rebel Worker
Rebel Worker - Anarcho-Syndicalist 'Monthly' published by Organise!-IWA

The Guineapigs


Shannon airport protests

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Various struggles that Irish anarchists are involved in

Anti-bin tax campaign
Official campaign web site

Refueling peace
Campaign to monitor and stop U.S. military refueling in Ireland

LAN website
Libertarain against the Nice Treaty

No to Nice
Anarchist information about both Nice referendums, see also Another Anarchist No to Nice page

These are pages about Irish anarchists who are now dead

Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde was also inspired by politics. He was not blind to the obvious early failings of modern day society. The poverty he wrote about over a century ago, in 'The soul of man under Socialism', exists on the streets of Dublin today.

Captain Jack White
Irish anarchist who fought in Spain and helped form the Irish Citizens Army

Adam Hughes
Adam Hughes died in 1997 at just 18 years old. Adam gave a great deal to the anarchist movement in his two or so years of membership

John McGuffin
John died in April 2002, he was perhaps most well known for providing the single anarchist element within the People's Democracy group of the sixties and carrying an anarchist banner (himself), on the Burntollet civil rights march

The Murrays
Excerpted from Albert Meltzer's autobiography

Irish anarchists

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Subject index

News of struggles in Ireland
Personal reports from WSM members of events they took part in or attended

Housing, space and squatting in Ireland
Index of articles conerned with housing, social spaces and squatting

The fight against the Bin Charges
Articles on the anti bin charge campaigns in Dublin and Cork

Reclaim the Streets
Articles on Reclaim the Streets in Ireland and the politics of transport and space

Stop refuelling at Shannon warport
Shannon airport in offically 'neutral' southern Ireland has been used for at least a decade to refuel US war planes.

Community organising and the Dublin drugs (heroin) crisis
Heroin killed hundreds of young people in Dublin in the poorest working class communities which have organised a number of anti - drug campaigns in response.

The fight against the Water Charges
The story of how the Water Charge was defeated in Dublin

The fight for Abortion rights
A history of the fight for abortion rights in Ireland and the issues central to this fight.

Workplace struggles and the unions
analysis of the unions alongside specific coverage of strikes and workplace disputes in Ireland

Anti - Racism in Ireland
Articles on racism in Ireland as it effects Irish Travellers

Refugees & Asylum seekers in Ireland
The struggle for freedom for refugees and Asylum seekers in Ireland

Drumcree, July 12th and the Orange Order
an anarchist analysis of sectarianism in Ireland and the role the Orange Order has played

Anarchism and Religion
Anarchists traditionally have a hostile attitude to religion, summed up by the slogan 'No Gods, No Masters'

The Irish economy
A look at how the economy has functioned from the early 1980's on.

The Irish 'Peace Process'
Articles and statements about the Irish 'Peace Process' and the IRA cease-fire

Imperialism and northern Ireland
Irish anarchist texts written from the early 1980's to the mid 1990's on the conflict in northern Ireland and the respective roles of British imperialism, Irish republicanism and loyalism

Modern anarchist writings by Irish women
recent writings by anarchist women

Anarchism, ecology and the environment
Reports of lots of Irish direct action protests related to the environment 

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