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Red & Black Revolution is an anarchist theory and history magazine produced in Ireland. We also publishes regular analysis of struggles and campaigns taking place in Ireland alongside news and reports from the international anarchist movement.


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Red & Black Revolution 6

Some opening comments
Welcome to the sixth issue

Crime and community policing
The term 'community policing' has been much abused in recent times, most particularly in the North of Ireland where it has become shorthand for vicious punishment beatings and shootings. In this article Gregor Kerr takes a look at the issue of community policing - what it is and more importantly what it isn't. The question of what levels of real community policing would actually be possible or allowed under capitalism is looked at, and the debate about crime, anti-social behaviour and reactions to it in an anarchist society is touched on.

Bakunin's ideas on revolutionary organisation
The Russian revolutionary Micheal Bakunin is often presented as the 'founding father' of anarchism. He was a larger than life figure whose disputes with Marx in the 1st international form an essential role in the clarification of the role of the vanguard and of the state in the revolutionary process. Yet his concrete ideas on anarchist organisation are not so well knowm. Andrew Flood takes a closer look at them.

Bashing the Black Bloc?
In the wake of the G8 protests in Genoa, Ray Cunningham, who took part in the demonstrations there, looks at the future for the Black Bloc and the 'anti-globalisation' movement.

Max Stirner
Max Stirner was an obscure prophet of individualism living in nineteenth century Germany. many anarchists today including anarcho communists also consider themselves Stirnerists and a Stirnerist tradition lives on in places like Glasgow. Conor Mc Loughlin examines some of Stirner's ideas.

The media and the war
Terry Clancy, of the Free Earth website, examines the 'free' press to find out why we shouldn't expect them to provide neutral or impartial coverage, especially during a war.


Capitalism under siege?

Issue 5

May 2001

  • Biotechnology, confusion, fear and protest
  • Peadar O'Donnell and the Spanish Revolution
  • Anarchism and elections
  • Review: No Logo
  • Review: Globalise this
  • Revolutionary Anarchism and the Anti-Globalization Movement

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Red and Black Revolution 5


It is nearly two years since the last edition of RBR, and although the delay has been longer than anticipated, the fact is that a number of important changes have taken place within the WSM

Biotechnology, confusion, fear and protest

Over the past few years developments in biotechnology such as cloning and genetic modification of food have led to wide scale confusion, fear and protest. In this article Conor Mc Loughlin explains some of these technologies and asks are they safe? Have they any benefits? Should they be rejected or could they be used for the benefit of an anarchist society

Peadar O'Donnell and the Spanish Revolution

Donal Ó Drisceoil, historian and author of a forthcoming biography of Peadar O'Donnell, looks at Salud! An Irishman in Spain, a little known account by O'Donnell of his encounter with the revolution in Spain in 1936..

Anarchism and elections

Anarchism is the only political movement which consistently urges a boycott of parliamentary elections, and which refuses to partake in the sham of parliamentary 'democracy'. Too often the anarchist argument on elections is written off as just a fad or an attempt to 'appear' radical. In this article Gregor Kerr looks at the concrete political arguments behind the slogan 'If elections changed anything, they'd make them illegal'.

Review: No Logo

The publication of No Logo was perfectly, if unintentionally, timed. Just as the N30 demonstrations in Seattle made headlines around the world, No Logo arrived to explain some of the reasons for that movement [This article in Italian]

Review: Globalise this

Globalise This! is one of the more important and informative books to come out of the Battle of Seattle. The thrust of the book from the very beginning is towards the activist and 'the citizen' interested in doing something about what is wrong on this planet.

Revolutionary Anarchism and the Anti-Globalization Movement

The 'anti-globalisation' movement of recent years has been a subject of great controversy within the anarchist movement. Lucien van der Walt, a South African anarchist active in anti-privatisation struggles, argues that the movement must not let this immensely important anti-capitalist struggle slip between our fingers. [This article in Italian]


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Issue 4 1998

Anarchism or barbarism?

  • Anarchism with a future - The Czech Republic
  • Anarchism & Environmental Survival
  • Racism: Where it comes from, How we should fight it
  • The Life, Times & Confessions of Victor Serge
  • The 1798 Rebellion
  • The Friends of Durruti
  • The Platform
  • Hobson's choice : The "Good Friday Agreement" & the Irish Left

Red & Black Revolution Number 4

Red & Black Revolution No 4 PDF file

Red & Black Revolution No 4

Red & Black Revolution No 4 PDF file

Comment on this issue

Anarchism with a future - The Czech Republic

Kevin Doyle talks to Vadim Barák of the Solidarita organisation in the Czech Republic about the problems and possibilities facing anarchists in the process of rebuilding a revolutionary movement.

Anarchism & Environmental Survival

Anarchism is often seen as being broadly linked with the radical wing of the Environmental movement. Ray Cunningham in reviewing 'Anarchism and Environmental Survival' considers these links and the influence of these movements on each other.

Racism: Where it comes from, How we should fight it?

With racism on the rise in Ireland, it has become more important than ever for anti-racist activists to examine where such ideas come from and how they can be fought. In this article, the South African anarchist organisation, the WSF, puts forward its view that the fight against racism and the class-struggle are inextricably linked.

The Life, Times & Confessions of Victor Serge

One time anarchist Victor Serge joined the Bolsheviks in 1918 and is often quoted by Leninists today to justify their repression of the left. Dermot Sreenan looks at his later writings and finds a Serge unhappy with many aspects of Bolshevik rule but unable to break with them because of the apparent success of the Russian Revolution.

The 1798 Rebellion

In June of 1795 several Irish Protestants gathered on top of Cave Hill, overlooking Belfast. They swore " never to desist in our efforts until we had subverted the authority of England over our country and asserted our independence". Three years later 100,000 rose against Britain in the first Irish republican insurrection. Andrew Flood examines what they were fighting for and how they influenced modern Irish nationalism. [In Spanish] [As a PDF file]


Readers views on some controversy generated with the last issue

The Friends of Durruti

The Friends of Durruti organisation, which arose from the ranks of anarchist militants during the Spanish Civil War, condemned the CNT and FAI members who joined the anti-Franco government. For their pains they were accused of wanting to establish an "anarchist dictatorship". Alan MacSimóin reviews the first English language book about them, and looks at the lessons to be learnt from Spain.

The Platform

So you want to change the world? What next? Unsurprisingly this simple question has provoked much discussion among anarchists. Aileen O'Carroll and Alan MacSimóin look at the answer provided by some Russians.

Hobson's choice : The "Good Friday Agreement" & the Irish Left

The "Good Friday Agreement" was passed by an overwhelming majority of voters North and South. The agreement presented something of a Hobson's Choice for the Irish working-class - which route to an entrenchment of sectarianism do you want to take? Here Gregor Kerr looks at the reactions to the agreement of the Irish left.

Red & Black Revolution No 4 PDF file


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 Issues 1, 2 & 3 are also available