After a long absence we are back. It is nearly two years since the last edition of RBR, and although the delay has been longer than anticipated, the fact is that a number of important changes have taken place within the WSM. Firstly, our newspaper Workers Solidarity is now a free news-sheet and appears 6 times a year. With a print-run of 6,000, this means a huge increase in the number of people here in Ireland receiving information about anarchism and struggle for change. Just as important, has been the increase in the numbers of people who take bundles of each issue to distribute at work, in their neighbourhood or to their friends. A second change is that we have simplified the process for joining the WSM. Although the basics still hold &endash; you have to agree with the WSM's democratically decided policies and you have to agree to work for these &endash; joining is a lot more straight forward. If you want details on this just write or email us. Thirdly, we have increased and improved our presence on the Internet. This move has been prompted by the enormous success to date of our web site and resources. In March of this year alone a quarter of a million pages were downloaded from the (Struggle) site which includes our pages. This means a vast number of people are now looking at and reading about our anarchist ideas. Furthermore, we have made our papers, magazines, posters and some pamphlets available on PDF format &endash; allowing for material to be downloaded in pre-set format, to be sold or distributed free right across the world.


Over the last period there has been considerable change on the world stage of struggle, but in another way little has changed &endash; this is reflected in the content of the current edition. The rise of a new anti-capitalist or anti-globalisation movement is discussed in the article Revolutionary Anarchism and the Anti-Globalization Movement and in two linked reviews. In terms of what is still the same: both in the North of Ireland and in the South, parliamentary elections are forthcoming. This is the subject of Anarchism and Elections - looking at the real reasons why anarchists won't be participating. Turning to other pressing issues, Biotechnology - Confusion, Fear and Protest looks at the crucial business of gene modification and how it fits in with the anarchist view of technology. Finally as part of our ongoing commitment to building up more information on libertarian aspects of Irish history we have an article about Salud, a little known account of a brush with the Spanish Revolution by one of Ireland leading leftists in the 1930s, Peadar O'Donnell.

While long in the making, we hope you find this issue enjoyable, provocative and, of course, useful. But don't forget, if you feel you have an article or book review that could be included in the next issue &endash; get in touch.

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