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Issues 1, 2 and 3

Red & Black Revolution is an anarchist theory and history magazine produced in Ireland. We also publishes regular analysis of struggles and campaigns taking place in Ireland alongside news and reports from the international anarchist movement.


Below are the articles from issues one, two and three of Red & Black Revolution. The articles from more recent issues are also available.

Red and Black Ireland

News of Anarchism in Ireland

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Issue 3 1997

Winning the Water War

Red & Black Revolution No3 is now available as a PDF file

  • Winning the Water War
  • Italian Anarchism...Get back to where you once belonged
  • Organising against Capitalism
  • The Emergence Of Modern Irish Socialism 1885-87
  • Anarchists and the trade unions - Be active - be involved
  • Review: Constructive Anarchism
  • Review :The Labour Movement and the Internet
  • After Apartheid: Anarchism and the 'new' South Africa

Red & Black Revolution Number 3

Red & Black Revolution No3 PDF file

Issue 2 1996

Which way to the revolution!

  • Incorporation...the spoonful of sugar
  • The two souls of the trade unions
  • The road to revolution
  • Chomsky on Anarchism
  • Travellers fighting back
  • Russian Anarchism: After the fall
  • Rebels at Ruesta
  • The IRA cease-fire and republican politics

RBR 3 cover

PDF file of Red & Black Revolution No 2

Issue 1 1995

Time for a new left?

  • Ashes to Phoenix
  • Time to be constructive!
  • Lessons of Trade Union Fightback
  • Freedom & Revolution
  • Marx & the State
  • Syndicalism : Its strengths & weaknesses
  • Review: Grassroots democracy
  • The EZLN

RBR 4 cover

PDF file of Red & Black Revolution No 1

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Issues 4, 5 and 6 of Red & Black Revolution

Red & Black Revolution No 3

Red & Black Revolution No3 is now available as a PDF file

Comment on this issue

Winning the Water War

Last year the domestic water charge was abolished. In 'Winning the Water War', Dermot Sreenan, an activist in the Federation of Dublin Anti-Water Charges Campaigns examines the campaign and the demonstration of people power that brought about the downfall of this charge. [ PDF file of this article]

Italian Anarchism...Get back to where you once belonged

Italy is one of the historical strongholds of the anarchist movement. Donato Romito, the international secretary of the Italian Federation of Anarchist Communists (Fd.C.A), provides an overview of the anarchist movement in Italy today, the organisations and publications that comprise it and the direction it should take in the future.

Organising against Capitalism

Many revolutionaries in recent years have been engrossed in analysing the mistakes of the past and the changing nature of capitalism. Andrew Flood a participant in the "Intercontinental Gathering for Humanity and against neo-liberalism" argues it is time to start moving on to the constructive work of building a new movement.

The Emergence Of Modern Irish Socialism 1885-87

Fintan Lane is a historian and left-wing activist. He is the author of The Origins of Modern Irish Socialism, 1881-1896 which will be published by Cork University Press on 1 May.

Anarchists and the trade unions - Be active - be involved

Trade Unions are important organs of the working-class. Gregor Kerr - a member of the Irish National Teachers Organisation who has been involved in campaigns against "social partnership" and in many strike support groups - argues that trade union involvement should form a central part of the political activity of all anarchists.

Review: Constructive Anarchism

Despite its relevance, The Organisation Platform of the Libertarian Communists is as controversial as ever. Kevin Doyle reviews Constructive Anarchism, a new pamphlet from Monty Miller Press in Australia that has collected The Platform and some of the early responses to its proposals into one useful edition.

Review : The Labour Movement and the Internet

The internet - viewed by some as the highway to the future, dismissed by others as an over - hyped toy with little practical value. Conor Mc Loughlin reviews a new book on the internet and its use by the labour movement.

After Apartheid: Anarchism and the 'new' South Africa

Just three years after the famous elections that ended apartheid in April 1994, South Africa's reforms are in crisis and dissatisfaction is rising. In a wide ranging interview we ask the Workers Solidarity Federation for their views on what has happened since the end of apartheid. Interview by Kevin Doyle.

Red & Black Revolution No3 is now available as a PDF file


Red & Black Revolution No 2

1995 - 1996

PDF file of Red & Black Revolution No 2


Comment on this issue

Incorporation...the spoonful of sugar

Why is it that many single issue campaigns and community groups which start out with a radical program soon end up as little more than service groups? Conor Mc Loughlin, an activist of the now defunct Portobello Unemployed Action Group investigates.

The two souls of the trade unions

Union activists are facing new management attacks but the trade union leadership speaks only of partnership with the bosses. Des Derwin, member of the Executive of the Dublin Council of Trade Unions and of the Dublin Private Sector Regional Executive Committee of SIPTU gives his personal view on the two souls of the unions.

The road to revolution

A complete transformation of society, revolution, is the goal of anarchism. Ray Cunningham looks at what is meant when anarchists talk about revolution, and what can be done to bring it closer. Dermot Sreenan looks at how the Barcelonia rent strike of 1931 prepared the ground for the revolution of 1936.

Chomsky on Anarchism

Noam Chomsky is widely known for his critique of U.S. foreign policy, and for his work as a linguist. In a special interview with Red and Black Revolution, Chomsky gives his views on anarchism and marxism, and the prospects for socialism now.

Travellers fighting back

Patricia McCarthy examines the history of Irish Travellers' struggle for civil rights and ethnic recognition. Their struggles have much in common with those of Indigenous people worldwide and with the struggles of Native Americans and Australian Aboriginals and also with the struggles of Gypsies, Travellers and nomads against racism and oppression.

Russian Anarchism: After the fall

Although many classical anarchist theorists and figures came from Russia, the advent of the Soviet State effectively crushed the movement. Now anarchism is reborn in Russia. Laure Akai and Mikhail Tsovma write from Moscow to tell us a little about the trials and tribulations of the new Russian anarchist movement.

Rebels at Ruesta

In August 1995 an international gathering of libertarian communists took place in Ruesta, Spain. A week of discussions took place and at the end a declaration was drawn up. We present here extracts from the WSM delegates' report on the week and the agreed declaration.

The IRA cease-fire and republican politics

The 'Irish peace process' is now well into its second year. It has brought respectability for Sinn Féin but little of consequence for the Irish working class - North or South. Gregor Kerr a member of the National Committee of the Irish Anti Extradition Committee in the late 1980s, looks at events leading up to the cease-fire and Sinn Féin's pan-nationalist strategy.

PDF file of Red & Black Revolution No 2

The international
'Anarchist Platform'

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Red & Black Revolution No 1

1994 - 95

PDF file of Red & Black Revolution No 1

Some starting Comment from Issue 1

Ashes to Phoenix

It has become something of a cliche is say the left is dead. But few have explained this supposed death. New organisations have arisen in recent years that claim to be avoiding the mistakes of the past. How true is this claim? Andrew Flood examines the evidence and comes up with some disturbing conclusions.

Time to be constructive!

The left to-day, demoralised by its collapse is without focus or direction. Anarchism given its anti-authoritarian tradition should be able to offer a way forward. But many are reluctant to take up anarchism, Andrew Flood looks at some of the reasons why this is so and suggests the key organisational ideas needed for a new anarchist movement.

Lessons of Trade Union Fightback

Following the vote on the Programme for Competitiveness and Work at the end of March, the Trade Union Fightback (TUF) campaign was wound up. Here Gregor Kerr, an INTO member who was secretary of TUF, looks at the history and lessons of the campaign.

Freedom & Revolution

Does the end justify the means? Many on the left belive so. Aileen O'Carroll argues that the means used play a part in creating the end that is achieved. The best example of this is the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Marx & the State

Some Marxists claim Marx was a libertarian, and Leninism and social democracy are not really Marxist. But in doing so they ignore the anarchist critique of Marx's political ideas on the state, the party and the organisation of a socialist revolution. Conor Mc Loughlin looks at the contradictions within Marx's political writings.

Syndicalism : Its strengths & weaknesses

The main organisational form in libertarian politics today is syndicalism. Alan MacSimon, a delegate to Dublin Council of Trade Unions who has also attended a European gathering of revolutionary unions looks at the potential, and limits, of syndicalism.

Review: Grassroots democracy

Democracy has broken out in a range of countries in recent years - Guatemala, S. Korea and Argentina to name but a few. But, what is the reality? Kevin Doyle looks at a book that takes a more critical eye.


On New Years Day of '94 people awoke to the news that four towns in the south-eastern state of Chiapas had been taken over by a group calling itself the Zapatista National Liberation Army. Dermot Sreenan, who recently presented a talk on the EZLN and organised a picket of the Mexican embassy in January '94, looks at the politics and history of the EZLN.

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