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The idea of revolution is central to anarchism. In this issue we look at just what a successful revolution requires and in what conditions it is likely to occur. We bring news of work being done now to build a new anarchist movement in Russia and of the links being forged between anarchist organisations in Europe.

Anarchism however does not sit and wait for the revolution. It fights today against all aspects of capitalist oppression. This means working alongside people who do not share our world view but who do wish to tackle some of the worst aspects of capitalism. We look at the way broad based projects, aimed at combating the worst elements of capitalism can become part of the mechanism ensuring social stability.

Unions, community groups and unemployment centres all represent at least in part peoples' desire to fight back. Capitalism in recognising this has adopted two strategies. The earlier one was of direct attack, attempts to smash these organisations. As capitalist control mechanisms have developed and the need for stability increased new methods have been devised, ones that aim to incorporate activists into the control mechanisms of capitalism itself.

So we have unions that argue for competitiveness, unemployed groups that argue for funding cuts and community groups in partnerships with the same companies that are devastating their communities. Anarchists involved in fighting alongside fellow workers today have to be aware of where these problems arise and how we can start to tackle them.

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