Housing, space and squatting in Ireland

Articles about housing, social space and squatting

Against Private Property?
When anarchists say "property is theft" does this mean they are after your tooth brush?


Social space


The great Housing rip off [2005]
Whether we pay rent or a mortgage, the cost of keeping a roof over our heads takes up a huge proportion of our income - those of us who are 'lucky' enough to be in a position to do so. Everywhere we look - both in Dublin and other cities and also in small rural villages and towns - the skyline is dotted with cranes and houses and apartments seem to be springing up everywhere.

The housing crisis [2000]
After six years of massive house price increases it is now almost impossible for the average worker to buy a house in Ireland. Average house prices in Ireland rose from 11.3 times the average income in 1989 to 18.2 times income in 1999.
We name the Greedy Bastards

The housing crisis: Finding a scapegoat [2000]
The real cause of the housing crisis is neither the tens of thousands of returning Irish born migrants nor the 15,000 or so asylum seekers. The reason housing is in short supply and expensive is because of the hoarding of land and super profits of a handful of speculators

Dublin Dockland to be developed - Who will benefit? [Summer 1998]
The Dublin Docklands, from Ringsend to Sheriff Street, are starting a very major re-development which will take place over the next fifteen years. Already the property developers are in the area buying up the land, a lot of which is owned by state and semi-state companies.

Housing Crisis [1998]
Over 37,000 are on the waiting lists for public houses. Meanwhile landlords charge higher and higher rents for smaller and smaller apartments. Why is this happening and what can be done to stop it?

Travellers March against Shanty Towns [1996]
Travellers and their supporters held a protest on December 10th last year. The march was against the Dublin local authorities' policy of herding Travellers into primitive temporary sites and forced removal of Travellers into these officially constructed shanty towns.

Homeless in Ireland in 1996
How big a problem is hopelessness in Ireland and who is most affected

No room at the refuge [1995]
An Eastern Health Board report published in December 1994, shows a huge increase in the number of homeless people put up in Bed and Breakfast accommodation by the Health Board.

Waiting on the housing list [1994]
3,500 households are waiting for housing in Dublin. The average wait for a local authority house in Dublin is now two years and rising.

Sectarianism in North Belfast
As an Anarcho-Syndicalist, living in North Belfast I was interested to see Gregor Kerr's recent article, 'Sectarianism and North Belfast' in Workers Solidarity.

Travellers fighting back
The history of Irish Travellers' struggle for civil rights and ethnic recognition.

Red Ink Bookshop [2005]
Review of the new Radical Bookshop in Dublin's Temple Bar

Cork City: Culture of Capital [2005]
A group of artists in Cork, aware of the lack of affordable work space, took over an empty building in the centre of Cork at the beginning of February.

Social Space is the Place [2005]
Seomra Spraoi Initiative Aims to Create Radical Social Space

A year of CAZ
The Cork Autonomous Zone a shared space which eixsted from 2002 to 2003 in Cork.

The Garden of Delight
Website of the legendary rented social space that existed in 1997

Church sells off The Secret Garden [1997]
There has been a Community Training Workshop in the grounds of All Hallows College for the past fifteen years. The workshop takes most of its trainees from the prisons and the probation service. Their landlord (the Catholic Church) has sold the land the workshop is on to a private housing developer

If the cops don't like you [1994]
Class War meeting banned in Dublin

Homelessness - Prostitution; Legalisation?
The sex industry is expanding and is said to gross millions of pounds per annum. Over the last year this has been reflected in the increasing focus in the media on prostitution.

When the Red Flag flew in Munster
FARM LABOURERS STRIKES, occupations of creameries, red flags flying and 'soviets' being declared. Not usually the sort of thing associated with the years 1919-1923, the years of the War of Independence and the Civil War. This article covers the events of these years they 'forgot' to tell you about in school.

The Italian Job [1995]
Florence has to be one of the most beautiful cites in Italy. Thanks to the hospitality of some friends in the Anarchist Movement of Florence (MAF) three members of the Workers Solidarity Movement were recently able to visit this city. During the week we spent there we were able to be tourists by day and meet with anarchists by night.

Garden of Delight
Pic: The Garden of Delight

Squatting in Dublin [2004]
One Squatter's Story: On August 8th of last year, a group of us moved into an abandoned and run down house on Leeson St and proceeded to make it our home

March 9 2004 - Attempted eviction of Dublin squat fails
On Tuesday morning the second best kept secret of the Dublin libertarian scene came to an end when the council turned up to evict 16 Leeson street

Disco Disco - occupied and evicted [2003]
Activists of Autonomous Community Spaces (ACS) entered 42 Parnell Square in central Dublin, a building which had been vacant for 11 years. They were violently evicted the following day.

The hidden history of squatting in Ireland [1996]
Twenty years ago a squatting campaign forced the council to house hundreds. Here is how it happened.

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Eviction resisted
Scene from the Attempted eviction of Dublin squat