The Garden of Delight

The Garden of Delight (GoD) was a self managed space in Dublin's city center that was ran by a collective from January to September 1997. It provided space for a huge range of campaigns (including Anti-Racist Campaign and the Irish Mexico Group), public meetings, speakers included Hakeim Bey and Mike Davis, art exhibitions, political exhibitions and a huge variety of parties and happenings. It was raided by armed police after a banner declaring the EU to be the 4th Reich was hung on the roof during the European summit. We saw many other police visits, normally in response to parties that went on late into the night, on the night GoD closed no less then two of the collective members and two international visitors were arrested. GoD is dead but like a shooting star it led a short but brilliant life and will be missed

What is GoD

The Garden of Delight beyond being a cafe and book shop is an example. We function without a boss or a profit motive, everyone working here is unpaid. We exist as a self-managed space or centre, the book shop and cafe provide an anchor on which space and funds are provided for cultural, political and social projects that might not otherwise happen.

The space is not intended to be passive and reproducing the values of a sick society but rather radical and based on action. It is intended to bring different people together and to be open to other organisations that operate in a similar fashion, particularly those in the local community. It arose not as a set of abstract ideas but because a space became available to fulfil a need many people already felt. The exact use of this space is an area for discussion and experimentation with and between those who are creating and working in it.

Our project is also an experiment, in working together for a greater good, in maximising potential, in the breaking of new ground. The success of our project will be determined in the long term by its existence in the collective memory, in the short term by its ability to attract and inspire others. We want the challenge of this space and its alternative way of organisation (self-management against leaders/bosses) and motivation (solidarity against greed/charity) to say ENOUGH! to those who tell us that there is no alternative to hierarchy and exploitation.



A sample week of activity from May








Small meetings

GoD collective meets

Drum Workshop once a month

Political meetings, normally starting at 20:00

Various Fund raising events from 21:00

Caca Milis club from 17:00 till late

Closed every second Sunday afternoon until 17:00 then Zapatista action at 19:00

Films at 17.00 most Sundays

Detailed event list for April 1997

GoD publishes

GoD also produced a number of posters and other publications, some samples below

GoD says No1. Our first bulletin


In Feb. 1997 we received news of the fascist attack on the French Anarchist Federations bookshop in Lyon, La Plume Noire. Seeing this attack as an attack also on our idea we sent this letter of solidarity and some money. We were pleased to hear of the large anti-fascist demonstration in Lyon the following week and the rapid reopening of the bookshop.


From the city centre walk to Christ Church Cathedral (Top of Dame st), from the corner of Christ Church Cathedral you can see GOD to the left of Durys hotel. The picture of GOD below is from that angle Ireland banner