Letter to Plume Noire

From: All who donate their labour

The Garden of Delight

3 Castle Street

Dublin 2




Dear friends,

we have heard about the attack on Plume Noire by fascists on the night of Sunday, February 17th. To say we condemn the burning of the bookshop and the attempt to murder those living above it would be an understatement that would miss the point of what the fascists are up to and how they must be stopped.

Let us say instead that we stand in solidarity with you and your fight against the fascists, not just for this particular attack but against them in general. Let us also say that we agree that the fascists are just one aspect of a rotten system and we stand in solidarity with you in opposing this system. We include a small donation towards the re-opening of your premises as a gesture that solidarity cannot be just hot air but must also take practical form.

in support


Garden of Delight