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No Masters 1

No Masters issue 1

Education and control
Education is not accessible to all in society. The reasons for this inequality are abundant. The main reasons are predominantly due to broader social and economic inequalities created and maintained by the present government.

What Type Of Student Politics?
Basically the future of education is up for grabs this year. There are frightening prospects at stake here: Privatisation, reintroduction of fees and basic notions of democracy are on table and the student movement could very easily lose

Listen 'Student.'
For the rest of my life I will have to work for somebody else, selling them my ability to work, selling them my energy, so as they make a profit out of me, and so as that I can live. I say live with reservation, can I really call the life ahead of me 'living'?

Housing For Profit
Its that time of year again, when a vast majority of students realise one simple thing: we are being ripped off by our landlords. You've probably couch surfed for weeks, or ran around trying to open accounts in what ever bank it is that will extend an immediate over draft.



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