Slaving your life away just so you can make ends meet; having no say in the major decisions that affect your life; criminal politicians and businessmen plundering the country. Try to do something about it and they'll lock you up. Yes,
That's capitalism

Housing Shambles
The backlog of 130,000 people on local authority housing waiting lists in the 26 counties will take over 30 years to clear. That's if the government keeps building at its present rate. Unfortunately our rulers intend further cutbacks in social housing. One quarter of households on the lists have already been waiting for over three years.

Racist Attacks: the powerful just don't care
Attacks against black and Asian people in the six counties have risen by about 40% in the last year, with many families being forced to leave their homes in south Belfast. The latest figures on racist attacks showed there were 189 offences reported in the year ending March 2003. Yet, there were only seven prosecutions, and seven others still under investigation. Makes you wonder how much of a priority stopping hate crimes is to the state forces.

Fianna Fail - putting the mafia to shame
"I came into a country that was on its knees, with queues outside the American Embassy and kids begging on the London Underground. I think it's despicable that people running the country had no interest in anything other than feathering their own nests." Tom Gilmartin on how Fianna Fail leaders liked to take bribes. He should know, he was bribing them.

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