Anarchism and community struggles


Popular Response to Shell's Pipeline Shows Way Forward
Over the Summer in a small corner of Mayo a mass campaign of non-violent direct action systematically, and in part spontaneously, shut down a major development being carried out by several multi-national corporations and the state.

People Power Confronts Shell
The jailing of 5 Rossport men for refusing to allow Shell to install a potentially lethal pipeline has suddenly focussed attention on the whole project. But it has done more than highlight safety issues. It has highlighted the cosy relationship between business and the Irish State.

Water tax in the north

Water Tax
They want to take more money away from us. The British government plans to impose a water charge averaging £340 a year in Northern Ireland. That's for 2006, and we can be sure it will rise every year.

Other community struggle index's

Community organising and the Dublin drugs (heroin) crisis
Heroin killed hundreds of young people in Dublin in the poorest working class communities which have organised a number of anti - drug campaigns in response.

The fight against the Water Charges
The story of how the Water Charge was defeated in Dublin

The fight against the Bin Charges
Articles on the anti bin charge campaigns in Dublin and Cork

Drumcree, July 12th and the Orange Order
an anarchist analysis of sectarianism in Ireland and the role the Orange Order has played