Water Tax

They want us to pay twice

They want to take more money away from us. The British government plans to impose a water charge averaging £340 a year in Northern Ireland. That's for 2006, and we can be sure it will rise every year.

We already pay for water supply through the rates - 37% goes to water - but the government wants us to pay twice. Nobody will be exempt. Pensioners and families on low income or benefits will have to pay 75% of the bill.

A new water company is being formed. We expect it to be sold to big business. This charge is all about taking as much as possible from working people and using it to boost the bank accounts of wealthy shareholders.

In Britain the poll tax was defeated through non-payment. In the South their water charge was defeated through non-payment. There is no reason we can't do the same here.

For more information: Communities Against the Water Tax, 185 Clifton Park Avenue, Belfast BT14 6DT. E-mail: cawt@btconnect.com

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This edition is No85 published in March 2005

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