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Anarchist News gives a quick anarchist view on current events as well as some general education about anarchism. Their inspiration originally came from the similar bulletins, called Scottish Anarchist produced by the Scottish Federation of Anarchists. Typically from a few hundred to a couple of thousand of each are produced.

It's an idea worth considering by anarchists elsewhere as it's a way for even a very small group to produce and distribute something that will at least introduce people to anarchism. There also a lot more readable then the sort of leaflets most of the left dishes out. Anyway there is only the text of a few of them here, they look much nicer with graphics or photos but hopefully they will provide inspiration for others.

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News of Anarchism in Ireland

The Ainriail mailing list carries the latest news from the WSM and the struggles anarchists are involved in. There are never more then 8 posts a week (and normally only 2-4). We post printed articles to it shortly after they are published.

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January 2005 - No 30 - Total banker
Next Sunday, the 30th of January the president of the World Bank is due to visit Dublin. The President Mr. James Wolfensohn is here to talk to the World Council of Churches

World Banker

Download the PDF file

November 2003 - No 29 - The anarchists are coming!

Sunday Independent claims anarchists are 'infiltrating' bin tax campaign
The mouthpiece of millionaire Tony O'Reilly, the Sunday Independent, got terribly excited when it 'discovered' there were anarchists involved in the bin tax campaign
Service Charges Taking from the poor to give to the rich
One of the main reasons that we are fighting against the bin tax is because it is another attempt to transfer wealth from workers to the rich
Government announces new 'turd tax'
Minister for the environment Martin Cullen today announced a new tax on visits to the toilet, which has already been dubbed the 'turd tax'.
Anarchists, the bin tax & direct action
There are many political groups and individuals involved in the campaign against the bin tax. Many of them see the campaign as little more than a way of getting votes in the local elections of June 2004.
The Bin Tax & Privatisation
It is no secret that the government wants to privatise the bin service in Dublin. The service has already been privatised in thirty-seven Local Authorities around the country
Cork Against the Bin Tax
The campaign in Cork and contact detials for anarchists active in the campaign in Dublin

The anarchists are coming

Download the PDF file

June 2002 - No 28 - EU, Globalisation and the Seville Protests
How the EU is a motor for globalisation and how its decision effect Irish workers. Also looks at the so called 'inquiry' into the Gardai riot at the RTS street party.

Seville EU summit
PDF file of The EU, globalisation and Seville


Jan 2002 - No 27 - Blowing hot air over Sellafield
We must take a lesson from our own past (Carnsore) and from the highly successful anti-nuclear movement in Germany. We must recognise that the British government, far from being willing to consider closing Sellafield, wish to expand it. The only way they will be forced to retreat from this position is if we push the political and economic costs of keeping Sellafield open way up.

PDF file of anarchist Sellafield leaflet
PDF file of Sellafield leaflet for you to print out and distribute


September 2001 - No 26 Against capitalist war and terror
The terrorist attacks on the USA of September 11th which killed over 6,000 people have rightly outraged not only the citizens of the US but also the vast majority of the rest of the people of the world

Against capitalist war and terror

PDF file of Against Capitalist War and terror

July 2001 - No 25 What happened at the G8 Protests in Genoa
An account from an Irish anarchist who was with the Black Block. Also available as a PDF file for you to print out and distribute

What happened at the G8 protests in Genoa

PDF file


August - 2000 -Anarchist News No 24

Why Reclaim the Streets?. produced for the August 5th Reclaim the Streets demonstration in Dublin - as a PDF file

July 2000 - Anarchist News No 23 [ also availabe as a PDF file]

March 2000 - Anarchist News No 22

November 1999 - Anarchist News No 21

April 1999 - Anarchist News No 20
NATO out of the Balkans - Serbia out of Kosovo

December 1998 - Anarchist News No 19 - For a national demonstration against deportations

October 1998 - Anarchist News No 18 - On the arrest of two building workers and the protests and strikes to get them freed

April 1998 - Anarchist News No 17 - Bumper issue for anti-deportations demo on April 25th

October 1997 - Anarchist News 16 reacts to the rise of racism by saying Give the Racists the Boot, we also look at who benefits from Racism, what racism is and why anarchists are against any immigration controls.

May 1997 - Anarchist News 15 took advantage of the election campaign to propose a honest politican Mr Crook, who promised only to rip people off. It also put forward the anarchist alternative Over 7,000 copies of this Anarchist News were distributed

May 1997 - Anarchist News 14 called on people to march with the anarchists in the May Day parade and explained the anarchist origins of May Day

January 1997- Anarchist News 13 Its offical, we have won and the governemnt has been forced to abolish the water charges due to mass non-payment. Victory is ours . But the victory in the anti-water charges campaign is just one step forward, now its time to change the world!

December 1996 - Anarchist News No. 12 Government leaks have indicated that the water charges are to be abolished. For the victory demonstration we say The Water Charges: Our Victory Their Defeat but in response to the attempts of the Socialist Party to lead the campaigns activists down an electoral cul-de-sac we say You can beat them or join them

November 1996 - Anarchist News No. 11 Calls for a No vote in the Bail Referendum and celebrates the fact that Victory is near in the Anti-Water Charges campaign.

July 1996 - Anarchist News No. 9 opposes the visit of the US warship to Dublin and exposes its role as a killing machine during and after the Gulf War.

April 1996 - Anarchist News No. 8 discusses what direction the anti-Water Charges campaign should take after the local elections, explains the Anarchist origins of May Day and appeals for solidarity with Lebanese Anarchists.

March 1996 - Anarchist News No. 7 focuses on the Anti-Water Charges Campaign and the local elections. It has a report of the EZLN calling an 'International Conference for Humanity and Against Neo-Liberalism' at the end of July in Chiapas. These are brought together in a piece urging people to come to a public discussion on Anarchism and Grassroots Movements.

January 1996 - Anarchist News No. 5 focuses on the Anti-Water Charges Campaign (this time arguing for mass action), the budget, a strike and the visit of ex - Black Panther Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin to Ireland on a speaking [unfortunately this had to be cancelled but took place in May 1997].

Autumn 1995 - Anarchist News No. 4 focuses on the Anti-Water Charges Campaign and explains how it can be won, what anarchists are involved in it, how politicians have lied on this issue and how the tax system makes workers pay for the bosses.