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No 29

Cork Against the Bin Tax

Although the government and media have been pretending that the bin-tax is only being opposed in Dublin, the truth is that it has been opposed everywhere that it has been brought in. In their typical, cynical manner, they waited until they had defeated the resistance in most of the country before introducing the tax to Dublin.

However, the campaign is still active in Cork city. In 2001, several activists from the Householders Against Service Charges (HASC) camapign in Cork, including a member of the WSM, were jailed for taking part in the protests against the tax. In the last few weeks the campaign has kicked off again with well-attended meetings in Mayfield and Ballyphehane. These meetings have demonstrated clearly that a large number of people in Cork are still opposed to the charges and still refusing to pay.

To get in touch with the Cork campaign, email

Anarchist contacts in the bin-tax campaign

Anarchists in the WSM have been part of the campaign since the beginning. At various points our members have been on the steering committees of 3 of the 4 Dublin campaigns and one of our Cork members was jailed back in May 2001 for his role in the campaign there. If you want to get in touch with anarchists active in the bin tax campaign in your area, drop us a line.

Cabra: Dermot 087-6277606 /
Dun Laoghaire: Conor 087-6591564
Stoneybatter: Alan 087-9558930 / James 01-6337425
Rest of Dublin/Cork: Chekov 087-7939931

This article is from Anarchist News No 29

Sunday Independent claims anarchists are 'infiltrating' bin tax campaign
The mouthpiece of millionaire Tony O'Reilly, the Sunday Independent, got terribly excited when it 'discovered' there were anarchists involved in the bin tax campaign
Service Charges Taking from the poor to give to the rich
One of the main reasons that we are fighting against the bin tax is because it is another attempt to transfer wealth from workers to the rich
Government announces new 'turd tax'
Minister for the environment Martin Cullen today announced a new tax on visits to the toilet, which has already been dubbed the 'turd tax'.
Anarchists, the bin tax & direct action
There are many political groups and individuals involved in the campaign against the bin tax. Many of them see the campaign as little more than a way of getting votes in the local elections of June 2004.
The Bin Tax & Privatisation
It is no secret that the government wants to privatise the bin service in Dublin. The service has already been privatised in thirty-seven Local Authorities around the country

The anarchists are coming
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