Refugees & Asylum seekers in Ireland

A collection of articles from Workers Solidarity about racism against refugees and Asylum seekers in Ireland and the struggle against it

Jan 2002 Murdered by Fortress Europe
The discovery of the bodies of 8 asylum seekers in a container in Wexford in late November shocked everyone. For those concerned with the plight of asylum seekers the deaths were not only a disaster waiting to happen but just the latest instalment in an ever grosser tale of human misery and exploitation

Illegal immigrants defy Spanish government and win - Thousands of "Sin Papeles" get papers

A seven-week occupation of 10 Barcelona churches earlier this year resulted in a victory for illegal immigrants in Spain. The occupations have spread to and continue in other towns


June 16th - Stop Deportations demonstration [with pictures]

The atmosphere on the march was upbeat, but it couldn't disguise the fact that turnout was low. Maybe everyone's been to busy recently, with the Nice referendum, anti-bin charges campaign, and Women on Waves to promote the march.

June 13th 2001 - Join the Stop Deportations demonstration

The Workers Solidarity Movement is organising a contingent for Saturday's demonstration under the slogan 'No Human being Is Illegal'. Come along and march with the red and black flags.

Sweatshops, unions and Fortress Europe [2001]

The EU is continuing the exploitation of the people of North Africa through creating a special trade zone of some of the North African countries similar to the free trades zones North America has created in Mexico.

Oppose Deportations [2001]

If money can travel why can’t people? The simple answer is that the bosses want to profit from a global economy. Racism is good for business. It’s vitally important that we let the Irish Government and the State know that we will not allow them to get away with the deportation of people.

Fighting racism is not a crime [2001]

On 28th March 2000 a group of eleven anti-racists occupied the Taoiseach's constituency office, in protest at proposed draconian measures against asylum seekers. The government was planning to introduce prison ships (so-called 'flotels'), forcible fingerprinting and the introduction of police from abroad to catch people fleeing injustice in their own countries.

March 30th - Pictures of anti-racist picket at Bertie Ahern's constituency office

Anti-Racism groups held a protest tomorrow at Bertie Ahern's consituency office, St. Lukes in Drumcondra, to demand the dropping of charges against activists who were arrested at a protest last year

Feb 2001 - Nigeria - No political repression?

The Irish government has started deporting Nigerian asylum seekers. It claims there is no political oppression in Nigeria. WSM member Chekov Feeney who recently visted Nigeria reveals the reality.

Refugee Act - denying rights [2001]

On Monday November 20th the Refugee Act came into force. The main purpose of the act appears to be to ensure that asylum seekers do not even temporarily attain the most basic rights of Irish Citizens and that they be kicked out as soon as possible.

Drowned, suffocated and beaten to death - 'Fortress Europe' - legalised murder [2000]

These are the victims of 'Fortress Europe' - the human cost of a policy which places the needs of capital over the rights of people. In fact over 2063 people have died in and around the European Union since 1993 as a result of the anti-refugee policies of governments across Europe.

The housing crisis: Finding a scapegoat [2000]

The real cause of the housing crisis is neither the tens of thousands of returning Irish born migrants nor the 15,000 or so asylum seekers. The reason housing is in short supply and expensive is because of the hoarding of land and super profits of a handful of speculators

 Irish government plans more discrimination [Spring 2000]

The government's "solution" to the crisis of accommodation for asylum seekers in Dublin

Racism - a permanent problem? [Oct. 1999]

Although racism already existed in Ireland towards Travellers the state's racism towards asylum seekers in the last couple of years shook us all. Good work is being done in campaigning against this racism by groups such as the Anti-Racism Campaign and Immigrant Solidarity. Yet is it the case that we are now doomed to a perpetual 'holding the line' to prevent further rises in racism? Or is there a strategy by which we can defeat racism in the 'here and now'?

 Cead Mile Failte? NOT! [Autumn 1999]

The friendly Irish welcome has been replaced by the hostile, suspicious glare of the immigration official. Fortress Europe has come to Ireland with a vengeance

Ye shall be known by the friends you keep! [Autumn 1999]

Fianna Fáil in alliance with racists inside and outside of the European parliament

Gardaí involved in racist persecution [Summer 1999]

Belmondo Wantete, an electrical engineer from the Congo, has lived in Ireland with his wife and young children for the last four years, and is a legal resident. Last year, on May 1st, gardaí raided his home at 3am. They shouted threats and racist abuse, and pushed a gun through his letter box.

Tremendous victory for anti-racism campaigners - Deportations halted [Spring]

The governments pro-deportation policy has been severely dented. Members of the Anti-Racism Campaign, in the immediate pre-Christmas period, halted at least four potential deportations.

Don't let the racists divide us [Autumn 1998]

Let Asylum-Seekers work. They are totally reliant on social welfare, and are denied the chance to contribute, to interact and to put down roots in society

Government plans to turn workers into spies [Autumn 1998]

Workers in the public sector are being asked to act as spies and informers in tracking down people without appropriate papers. These workers should not allow themselves to be used in this way

Unions Against Racism [Autumn 1998]

Trade Unionists form a very important section of the fighting force - especially those in the public sector who are in daily contact with refugees and asylum-seekers

Say NO to racism [Summer 1998]

Saturday April 25th saw over 1,000 people marching through Dublin, 400 in Cork and 150 in Limerick to protest against racism and deportations. There were also activities in Galway and Roscrea, and cross-border trains were leafleted in Belfast.

Resist Racist Deportations [1998]

John O'Donoghue is already on record as saying that up to 90% of current applications for asylum are likely to be refused. It is imperative that all anti-racists immediately organise to campaign against these threatened deportations. Such a campaign has much to learn from anti-racism campaigns throughout Europe such as the 'Sans Papiers' movement in France.

Building the anti-racist resistance

The Anti Racism Campaign (ARC) is based on a founding statement which describes it as "an open and democratic alliance of people who came together to combat the anti-refugee and anti-immigrant hysteria initiated and encouraged by politicians and the media".

Anti racism campaign on the streets

Over the past few months, members of the Anti-Racism Campaign (ARC) have been involved in a number of public activities aimed at highlighting and promoting the anti-racist message

Free speech and the litter act

The use of the Litter Act to prevent the distribution of anti-racist leaflets is a very serious step. A blanket ban on the distribution of leaflets would have serious consequences for other political, environmental, civil liberties, community or trade union campaigns.

Slam the door on racists [1997]

An increase in the number of refugees arriving in Ireland has led to a media fueled upsurge in racism. But the fight back against this racism has already started

Give the Racists the Boot [1997]

We look at who benefits from Racism, what racism is and why anarchists are against any immigration controls.

No room at the refuge [1995]

An Eastern Health Board report published in December 1994, shows a huge increase in the number of homeless people put up in Bed and Breakfast accommodation by the Health Board.

Waiting on the housing list [1994]

3,500 households are waiting for housing in Dublin. The average wait for a local authority house in Dublin is now two years and rising.

Anarchist News No 17 - produced for the April 25 1998 Anti-Deportation protests

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