Reports of international actions in support of the

International Day Of Action
In Support Of Asylum-Seekers In Ireland

The call for this day of action in

The call for action was put out by

Workers Solidarity Movement

PO Box 1528
Dublin 8



PO Box 505
Belfast BT12 6QB
FAX: (01232) 208276

In Ireland

Report on the
April 25 demonstrations against racism and deportations

The Day of Action in Ireland was called by the Anti-Racist Campaign, Anti-Fascist Action and the Association of Refugees & Asylum Seekers

Irish National Teachers Organisation (primary school teachers union)
Two page article by an INTO shop steward and WSM member in their magazine which goes to all 27,000 members, advertising the march.

Services Industrial Professional Technical Union (Ireland's largest union)
Quarter page article advertising the march in their monthly newspaper, which goes to all their shop stewards and a lot of rank & file members.

SIPTU Education Branch (1,700 manual, clerical and academic members in Dublin)
Motion, proposed by WSM members, agreed at their annual general meeting to bring the branch banner, and write to all shop stewards in the branch encouraging them to request their members to take part in the march.

Teachers Union Of Ireland (second level technical teachers) Dublin
Post-Primary Branch agreed to bring their banner.

official endorsers of the day of action are:

African Refugee Network, Barbara Bergin (actress in Fair City), Laura Brennan (actress in Glenroe), Ciaran Cuffe (Green Party councillor), Supported by 'In Touch' (magazine of the INTO teachers union), Irish Refugee Council, Amnesty International, Irish Travellers Movement, 'Newsline' (paper of the SIPTU trade union), SIPTU Education Branch, Community Media Network, Cork Council of Trade Unions, Development Education for Youth, Dublin Council of Trade Unions, Galway One World Centre, Happy City Samba School, Inner City Organisations Network, Ireland-Algeria Support Group, Irish Mexico Group, Kilkenny Grass Roots, Mid-West Against Racism, Ogoni-Solidarity Ireland, Praxis, Sadhbh O'Neill (Green Party), SIPTU Education Branch, Scheme Workers Alliance, Socialist Party, Teachers Union of Ireland, Dublin Post-Primary Branch, Tullamore One World Centre, Waterford Traveller Interest Group, Organise-IWA, Workers Solidarity Movement

International Actions


Saturday April 25th
Irish Embassy
Grosvenor Place

(supported by the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns, Anti Fascist Action, Youth Against Racism in Europe)



Samedi 25 Avril
a 13 heures
l'Ambassade d'Irlande
12 Avenue Foch
75116 Paris



25 April
um 13 uhr
Botschaft der Republik Irlands
Godesberger Allee 119
53175 Bonn



Samedi 25 Avril
a 13 heures
l'Ambassade d'Irlande
rue Froissart 89-93
B-1040 Brussels


25 April
Irlands Ambassad
Ostermalmsgatan 97
100 55 Stockholm

London (from ACF)

"London ACF advertised picket in Time Out and Freedom. Have contacted 2 London Irish papers. Have contacted all London Anarchist groups about this. Have produced leaflets and placards

About 15 people turned out for the demo in London with people from the ACF, SolFed, Socialist Party (Militant not the SPGB) and even some unaligned."


"I am working on getting the word out to the San Francisco Irish community. Once I get the word out here, I will concentrate on the rest of the country. The IWW and WSA-IWA will be pulling together a demo on 4/25. I will let you know how it progresses."

Liam, San Francisco


Concerning the day of action:

"- We passed the appeal on to the IWA sections and to other leftist groups in Germany. We didn't receive any feedback, but we hope that they have done something about it.

The FAU local group in Bonn and the International Secretariat sent protest letters via e-mail to the concerned minister. We made a press release and we distributed leaflets in Irish (and other) Pubs (we will send some leftovers by snailmail). On Friday afternoon, a small group of four members of our local group went to the embassy, showed our banner and (because it's closed on Saturdays) and handed over our message of protest.

We made an information table on Saturday morning in the city with the banner concerning your action day and distributed the leaflets there as well.

Unfortunately no other leftwing groups in Bonn participated in our activities, which was very disappointing for us, particluarly that the antiracist groups showed no interest.

We will send a photo of the banner within the next couple of days. "


Solidarity letters with April 25 demonstration against deportations