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Position Papers & Policy statements

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Supplements, leaflets etc

April 2002

Call this choice

Call this choice?
Anti election leaflet. "The very act of going into a polling booth and putting a number beside someone's name is in itself an act of disempowerment; it is an acceptance that someone else has the right to make decisions on our behalf. " PDF file of Call this Choice?

March 2001

Greeting from WSM to LibWeek 2001
Greeting sent to international anarchist conference held by CGT in Spain on the weekend of March 31st

February 2001

The Socialist Alliance project
Letter sent to the left unity recall meeting

Democracy for our unions
Do we just want to change the people at the top of our unions or do we want to change our unions? Text of a leaflet distributed at 'Rank and File Conference - Social partnership: Claiming Back Our Unions', Sat. 10th Feb., Teachers' Club in Dublin

November 2000

Supplement - The SWP's very peculiar 'Anarchism'
This is a supplement that was distributed withWorkers Solidarity at Marxism in Dublin. It's based on a reply to an article on Anarchism published in Socialist Review by Pat Stack, also available as a PDF file

October 1999

Björn Söderberg - murdered by fascists

Ideas & Action '99

June 1999

The elections - so meaningless that over 50% didn't vote

April 1999

NATO out of the Balkans - Serbia out of Kosovo

Nov. 1997 :

Socialism from Below


Double sided A3 supplement on Socialism from Below [PDF file]


Defending the Bolsheviks or defending the truth?

A privately circulated reply to a piece by the IWG answering Anarchist criticisms of the Bolsheviks

See also the Anarchist News collection

Conference programs

Ideas and Action:

A national anarchist gathering held on Saturday March 28 1998, anarchists attended from all over Ireland including Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Galway and Limerick.

The anatomy of revolution

An Anarchist day school held Sat. 23rd January 1999

Ideas & Action '99
Anarchist gathering in November 1999

Ideas and Action 2001

Ideas and Action -- Irish Anarchist Gathering 2002
From Resistance to Change
- A day of anarchist discussion in Dublin on May 18


Other material

International Day Of Action
In Support Of Asylum-Seekers In Ireland

Internationaler Aktionstag zur Unterstuetzung der AsylbewerberInnen in Irland [German]

Journée Internationale D'action En Support Des demandans De Droit D'asile En Irlande [French]

Día internacional de acción en apoyo de los que piden asilio en Irlanda [Spanish] 

Report on the
April 25 demonstrations against racism and deportations

Reports of actions in support of the International Day Of Action In Support Of Asylum-Seekers In Ireland