Statement on intimidation of members of the Republican Writers Group

The Workers Solidarity Movement is totally opposed to the intimidation of members of the Republican Writers Group in Belfast.

After publishing a statement about the killing of Joe O'Connor in Ballymurphy, Anthony McIntyre and Tommy Gorman have been subjected to threats, and to pickets of their homes.

The Republican Writers Group members have made it clear that their statement was not intended to place anyone in danger, no names were mentioned. However, it appears that the republican leadership have used that statement as an excuse to restrict free speech and discussion.

The Republican Writers Group have helped to facilitate debate among republicans, while at all times rejecting any suggestion of a return to armed struggle.

But this debate isn't popular with republican leaders who seemingly believe that they are above criticism. They arrogantly give to themselves the right to decide what viewpoints we may hear, and to set limits to debate.

All who subscribe to the principle of free speech should reject this authoritarian behaviour, and join the call for an end to the threats and intimidation.

Aileen O'Carroll
National Secretary
Workers Solidarity Movement
P.O. Box 1528,
Dublin 8