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Internet Review: Dissent Network Against the G8

The Dissent ( website offers the reader/user information on the Dissent! Network. The Dissent! Network was formed to provide a networking tool to co-ordinate radical resistance to the upcoming G8 (the 7 richest countries in the world plus Russia) Summit in Scotland. The network was founded in the autumn of 2003 by a group of people who have previously been involved in radical ecological direct action, Peoples' Global Action, the anti-war movement and the global anti-capitalist movement. The website is perhaps best described by the definition used to describe the Dissent! Network itself...

"It's a mechanism for communication and co-ordination between local groups and working groups involved in building resistance to the G8, and capitalism in general."

Unsurprisingly it is constructed using freeware software and has lots of features without being distractingly gimmicky and is quite easy to navigate around.

The best thing about this site though is its content. The Dissent! Network, which recently has added Dissent! Ireland to its numbers, is an ambitious and confident attempt to both positively engage activists with focus on the Summit, and to also interact with the public at large about capitalism and its ires. All too often it is the focus of what we don't want that gets most attention. This site shows the range and depth of positive actions, programmes of local community engagement and much more, for any reader who misguidedly associates summit protests with endless negatives.

Oh and if you're thinking of heading over to join the fun this July then you better stick this in your favourites folder as it's got much too much to include here. Finally, check for details of the Dissent Ireland site.

by Mark Malone

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