The anti-bin tax battles

As we go to press the City Council has commenced their next step in the war against the people of Dublin by issuing 4 summonses to members of the campaign in Finglas. These people are due to appear in court on the 20th of September in the old Richmond Hospital on North Brunswick Street.

The anti-bin tax campaign, is of course, supporting the defendants with legal representation as well as a sizable demonstration outside the courthouse starting at 10.00am. In the run up to this demonstration against the council's new tactics of dragging people in front of the courts we also had a successful all Dublin activists meeting on the Monday the 16th building for the demonstration and working towards a conference in the month of November.

According to the council's own figures less then 50% of people paid any part of their bill last year. With the growing success of non-payment only around 20% have paid something so far this year. This is a good indication that the Dublin Anti-Bin Tax Campaign has been successful in getting the message out to people that the only way this unjust tax is going to be beaten is by mass non-payment. Through membership drives in many localities the campaign has been able to get more people involved, and build up our legal defence fund for the court battles ahead.

The Government are on a huge cut-back drive. Just as I write this they've decided to slash ¤38 million from the budget allocated for education. The council's drive to make waste collection in this city a profitable venture is tied in with this policy of making people pay twice for services. It's vitally important that we stop them in their march towards getting more money for us and giving us less and less in return.

With Government implementing cuts there is little chance of them paying up the ¤19 million that they already owe the city. The Government do not pay any rates on any of the offices they occupy, over 35% of office space in the city. Instead they implement cuts and they get the council to do their dirty work and chase us for a double tax.

In every war you move from one battle to the next. We are winning the battle for non-payment and are going to drive up those non-payment figures. We are now going to enter into the legal arena and we will defend our members against this unjust double tax. The City Council is entering a battle that South Dublin Council lost previously with the water charges. History is on our side.

Dermot Sreenan

Secretary, Dublin City Anti-Bin Tax Campaign (personal capacity)
Campaign Hotline: 087-6277606

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This edition is No72 published in September 2002