Sellafield protest against MOX ships in August

The two ships which were sent to Japan to collect the MOX fuel shipped with falsified paperwork arrived late June. It is very likely the ships will travel up the Irish Sea around the end of August. This shipment represents a last ditch effort from BNFL to win Japanese custom for Sellafield which they hope would then lead to business from other countries. If they are successful this may lead to 80 of these shipments, each enough for at least 50 nuclear weapons, travelling through the Irish Sea over the next decade, plus increased discharges from Sellafield (even if there is no accident).

Amongst other events planned to greet these ships on their return will be a nuclear free flotilla ( originating from several ports in Ireland and Britain. There will also be protests in Barrow-on-Furness, BNFLs home port and the eventual destination of the MOX ships. There are plans for a group of activists to travel from Ireland for these protests, if you are interested in taking part contact Barry O'Donovan at or 087-2320437

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