The anarchist movement in Ireland

Articles from Workers Solidarity publications that look at aspects of the anarchist or libertarian movement in Ireland. Check out the Irish Anarchism index for other Irish anarchist web pages.

Squatting in Dublin
One Squatter's Story: On August 8th of last year, a group of us moved into an abandoned and run down house on Leeson St and proceeded to make it our home

The Joy of Reclaiming Streets
The first feeling at any Reclaim The Streets is a strange one for someone accustomed to the plodding, predictability of your usual lefty "protest".

Gardai harassment of Mayday protest leafleting continues
Over the last week the Gardai have repeatedly turned up on occasions where the Dublin Grassroots Network has been attempting ton inform the public about the Mayday protests.

Attempted eviction of Dublin squat fails
On Tuesday morning the second best kept secret of the Dublin libertarian scene came to an end when the council turned up to evict 16 Leeson street

Dublin Anarchist Social Evening/ Bad Thoughts Discussion
8pm till late, Thursday February 5th, Upstairs in Chaplains bar on D'Olier st. All welcome

Anarchism on the Move [2004]
Kieron Barry reviews 2003, a busy year for Irish Anarchists. A small but growing number of anarchists are building opposition to the status quo based on the politics of freedom and equality

A busy year for the anarchist bogeyman [2004]
On virtually every occasion that anarchists were mentioned in the media in 2003, it was in the context of a scare story about threatened violence. The reality of anarchist activity was far, far different. While we were arrested, fined, injuncted and jailed in significant numbers for taking part in peaceful protests, we did not thrown a blow at a single person. Never once were we given a chance to give our side of the story.

Book Review - Do or Die - vol 10
Voices from the Ecological Resistance

Grassroots Gathering 5 - the birth of a movement [2003]
We came out of this weekend stronger and will hopefully go on from here so that the growth of the Grassroots movement continues. The next GG goes West, Galway in the Autumn

Disco Disco - occupied and evicted
Activists of Autonomous Community Spaces (ACS) entered 42 Parnell Square in central Dublin, a building which had been vacant for 11 years. They were violently evicted the following day.

Grassroots Gathering 4 &endash; A sun kissed weekend in Limerick [2003]
The fourth Grassroots Gathering happened at University of Limerick on the St. Patrick's bank holiday weekend.

A year of CAZ [2003]
The Cork Autonomous Zone has bee functioning for over a year now. The shared space has become an irreplaceable part of the agitational infrastructure of anti-capitalism in Cork city

Grassroots Gathering Mark III &endash; Another Great Success [2002]
The last weekend in October saw over 120 anarchists and other libertarian activists converge on Belfast for the third Grassroots Gathering.

Become a supporter of this paper
Over the next year we hope that at least a couple of dozen people will become supporters of this paper. In that case we will be able to expand production to 8 issues a year each with a print run of 8,000.

Reclaiming the planet - building a movement in Ireland [2002]
The libertarian movement in Ireland is growing, the Belfast Grassroots Gathering gives us a chance to meet up

'Libertarians against Nice' launched [2002]
LAN is a network of groups and individuals across Ireland campaigning against the Nice treaty from a libertarian perspective

Cork Grassroots Gathering [2002]
The second Grassroots Gathering was held over the Easter weekend in Cork. Some seventy people from all over Ireland took part.

Critical Mass and Reclaim The Streets [2002]
Car culture becomes a focus for these two types of demonstration: not because we are all so anti-car, but because cars are only the most visible and tangible representatives of an inhuman consumer society

Ideas and Action -- Irish Anarchist Gathering [2002]
From Resistance to Change
- A day of anarchist discussion in Dublin on May 18

Irish Indymedia launched [2002]
After months of preparation an Irish Indymedia site was launched at the start of this year. James McBarron, a relative novice on the internet reviews the site to date.

Grassroots Gathering - The Important first Steps [2002]
People attending were all coming from an activist background - and we could all learn from our different experiences. There was also a good display of mutual respect for differing opinions and tactics

Building Links between movements ( Talk given to the Convergence Conference 2001)
If the question is how do we build links between different groups and movements, the answer has to be another question. Why do you want to build links? In each instance, what is your aim. I say in each instance because it should be recognised that there are many different levels at which links between groups can operate.

Grassroots activists to meet up in Dublin [2001]
It is important that any network is independent of political organisations and that it is organised in a libertarian, grassroots manner so that everyone involved gets an equal say in decisions made.

Fighting Global Capitalism ..What sort of movement do we need? [2001]
Ireland has been on the fringes of the growing movement against neo-liberalism/capitalist globalisation. Since Seattle four organisations have attempted to function as umbrella groups for this growing movement.

Derry report [2001]
Anarchists in Derry had a busy pre-election period and we were distributing anti-Nice leaflets to encourage a No-Vote to Donegal-registered cars in the city

Ideas and Action [2000]
In April about 70 people from Belfast, Clare, Cork, Derry, Donegal, Dublin, Galway and Limerick came to the WSM's Ideas and Action gathering

Irish delegation returns from Mexico [1996]
As an Irish delegation visits Mexico to better its knowledge of the struggle there and to express solidarity with the Zapatista EZLN rebels

Other Irish anarchist papers [1996]
Other papers that existed in 1996

The hidden history of squatting in Ireland [1996]
Twenty years ago a squatting campaign forced the council to house hundreds. Here is how it happened.

If the cops don't like you [1994]
Class War meeting banned in Dublin


The history of Anarchism in Ireland
Irish anarchism has no historical tradition. But that is not to say that we have no history at all. We are beginning to uncover forgotten events.

The Emergence Of Modern Irish Socialism 1885-87
The early anarchist movement in Ireland.

The ideas of James Connolly
James Connolly is probably the single most important figure in the history of the Irish left. He was an organiser in the IWW in the USA but in Ireland is best known for his role in building the syndicalist phase of Irish union movement and for involving the armed defence body of that union, the Irish Citizens' Army in the 1916 nationalist insurrection. This left a legacy claimed at one time or another not only by all the Irish left parties but also by the nationalists of Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein.

Audio: Chekov Feeney of the Workers Solidarity Movement speaks about anarchism in Ireland and anarchist organization. at a meeting sponsored by NEFAC in New York City, USA.

John McGuffin [2002]
John, was a very independent anarchist who is perhaps most well known for providing the single anarchist element within the People's Democracy group of the sixties and carrying an anarchist banner (himself), on the Burntollet civil rights march.

The anarchist views of Captain Jack White [2001]
Veteran of the 1913 lockout, the Irish Citizen Army, the Irish International Brigade

Oscar Wilde's socialism [1999]
Oscar Wilde was also inspired by politics. He was not blind to the obvious early failings of modern day society. The poverty he wrote about over a century ago, in 'The Soul of Man Under Socialism', exists on the streets of Dublin today.

Obituary...Adam Hughes [1997]
Adam Hughes died recently at just 18 years old. Adam gave a great deal to the anarchist movement in his two or so years of membership

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