Corruption in Irish politics

A look at the known and unknown corruption scandals of politics in Ireland

Corruption in politics [2002]
The Flood Report will, by itself, change nothing, except, perhaps, to induce more caution to the thicker element of the ruling class, but it does provide one useful service: it makes it clear that the wealthy have a dominant influence in affairs of state

Lindsay Tribunal : The Cuts That Killed [2002]
A deliberate decision was made that it was acceptable to risk killing patients in order to save a few bob. Properly screened blood products were more expensive. So, the BTSB didn't recall products which they know to be potentially deadly.

The housing crisis [2000]
After six years of massive house price increases it is now almost impossible for the average worker to buy a house in Ireland. Average house prices in Ireland rose from 11.3 times the average income in 1989 to 18.2 times income in 1999.
We name the Greedy Bastards

The housing crisis: Finding a scapegoat [2000]
The real cause of the housing crisis is neither the tens of thousands of returning Irish born migrants nor the 15,000 or so asylum seekers. The reason housing is in short supply and expensive is because of the hoarding of land and super profits of a handful of speculators

Anarchist News No 23 [Summer 2000]
What should be done with the politicans who ripped us off

Our TAX Money - Will we get a receipt? [Spring 1999]
What the Flood and McCracken and Moriarty Tribunals have revealed that politicians and business people regularly exchange massive sums of money without the slightest regard to taxation. Over 85% of tax on income is paid by PAYE workers.

It's all so inevitable [Summer 1999]
The then Prime Ministers of Ireland, Greece, France, Britain, Italy, Spain and Belgium have all been associated with charges of varying degrees of fraud, nepotism and political favouritism.

Local Elections - bring on the dancing horses [Autumn 1999]
When you take a good look at the people who are supposed to be running your local area the best lesson to walk away with is that we could do such a better job ourselves

Dublin Dockland to be developed - Who will benefit? [Summer 1998]
The Dublin Docklands, from Ringsend to Sheriff Street, are starting a very major re-development which will take place over the next fifteen years. Already the property developers are in the area buying up the land, a lot of which is owned by state and semi-state companies.

Corruption's business as usual [Autumn 1998]
Recent months have seen the banking and financial sectors in Ireland coming under scrutiny as never before

Now that's what we call a rip-off [Autumn 1998]
Corruption in the sell off of Belfast International Airport

The Anti-D scandal [Spring 1997]
Due to contaminated Anti-D about a thousand women have contracted Hepatitis C. We look at why the contamination happened and why the government tried to cover it up

Red and Black Ireland

News of Anarchism in Ireland

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