Morons in Power

So we now have normal politics in the six counties? We saw Barry McElduff MLA (Sinn Féin) being "offended" in the Assembly by Culture Minister Michael McGimpsey, who suggested building a 'national' stadium for soccer, GAA, rugby and athletics. The West Tyrone republican rushed out press statements telling how he was offended by the use of the word 'nation' to describe the six counties.Then, on the same day, Jeffrey Donaldon MLA (Ulster Unionist) whined about the "offence" caused by placing of an Irish tricolour in the Westminster office of the four Sinn Féin MPs. When it was pointed out to Donaldon that only the four MPs and their guests would see the flag, he replied that cleaners who would see this "foreign flag" would be afraid to go about their business of dusting and hoovering.

If only these clowns got as offended by hospital waiting lists, sectarian thuggery, pensioners living in poverty, and all the other suffering that the Sinn Fein-Unionist-SDLP-DUP coalition presides over each and every day in the Executive.

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