Sellafield's sick New Year gift

On December the 20th 2001 - Sellafield brought radioactive plutonium into the plant in a move to open up a MOX reprocessing plant for dirty radioactive materials. The head of the operation, Mr. Jack Allen, declared he was most pleased with developments and said this was the first part in the "phased and prudent ramp-up of commissioning for MOX fuel manufacture".

As we enter an election year - all the major parties are falling over themselves to be seen to be against this poisonous plant in Cumbria. Some like the Greens' John Gormely even went over there to protest at the opening of the Mox plant. Others stay at home and organise demonstrations outside the British Embassy. They all want your votes and they all know the answer to "are you in favor of Sellafield" but in reality they do precious little to stop it from expanding and growing. Fianna Fáil even took out a full-page critical advertisement against Sellafield in the Times of London newspaper thus neatly illustrating the incapacity of the Irish government to act or do anything meaningful about this issue.

Some committed environmentalist activists like Gluaiseach have backed up opposition to Sellafield with actions outside the plant. This issue is too important to be left to the bungling fools in power who do nothing while our coastal waters are polluted and poisoned. We need to make links with groups across Britain against this plant. We need to come up with imaginative direct action that will make the costs of operating these plants too high a price for the bosses to pay. This is about our planet and we need to take action now to give ourselves a chance at a cleaner safer future.

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