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As the United States bombs rain down on Afghanistan with the endorsement of the UN - and also as Ireland currently holds the chair of the UN Security Council, which has lead to scenes of the Irish flag being burned in the streets of Palestine - it would appear a good time to review this CD.

Chomsky reveals the strange relationship the US has had with Saddam Hussein - their favourite monster. For instance, in 1988 after he gassed Kurds in Iraq, the US and Britain increased their support to him. Also in July of that year the US was supporting Iraq in its war against Iran so much that a warship fired at and took down a commercial Iranian plane killing 290 people. Iran knew whose side the US was on at that stage. By December 1989 - while the US was busy invading Panama to install a puppet Government - George Bush announced that they would be increasing their support for Iraq.

A year later Iraq had invaded Kuwait. Sanctions were in place and these lead to the deaths of over 500,000 children. Madeleine Albright said "we're willing to pay that price" when confronted with these deaths in 1997.

Chomsky constantly refers to the United States as a rogue state. They have shown little else except contempt for the UN unless it goes along with it's line. The US has turned to its strengths - force and violence. From bombing a pharmaceutical plant in the Sudan to starving people to death for living under a dictator who was once heavily supported by them. 'We prefer to act though our allies but if we can't act though them we'll act alone' - this is the US message to the United Nations. You're irrelevant as long as you make decisions that do not coincide with ours.

"There are ugly times ahead" predicts Chomsky - how right he was. We'll continue to see these ugly times as long as the most powerful nation on earth continues to act as the bully boy - a state that commits war crimes and kills to get it's own way on issues that effect its power and its ability to make profits.

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