Council's Bin Tax Rubbished

In the end the people of Dublin will decide whether the new Bin Tax that has been introduced by the Corporation this year will be accepted or rejected. So far the overwhelming response has been to bin this bill. The Dublin City Council claims that they've received payment from 36% of the people who've received the bill. However large sections of the city hadn't even received the bill at the time of that statement. By mid - August the campaign calculated less than 10% of the people who received this bill have actually paid it.

The Dublin Campaign against the Bin Tax is entering a crucial phase. Meetings calling for a mass campaign of non-payment have been held in various areas throughout the city. We have to get the word out to people that this Tax (like the previous attempt to impose a charge on water) can be made unworkable and is doomed to failure as long as we stick together and not pay it.

There are a number of important events coming up that we need to get people involved in. There is a Dublin wide meeting for all activists on the 17th September in the Teachers Club, Parnell Square at 7.30 at which plans for the future will be discussed. There will be a demonstration outside the council meeting at city hall on October the 1st. We shall be organising a picket outside this meeting at 6.30 that Monday evening.

In the next couple of months a number of important things have to happen. Local groups will have to begin to meet regularly and we have to push towards a membership drive for the campaign. In this, each house signs up to be members of the campaign for £3 or £5 and this will go towards a legal defence fund which we can use when it comes down to the Corporation taking people to court to get them to pay this charge. We cannot depend on the councillors to get rid of this tax. After all they are the ones who brought it in. We must be prepared to fight this all the way - and in order to be serious about this we have to get people involved in the campaign.

This campaign is up and running and the Corporation know that they have a real battle on their hands in Dublin. The next phase of the campaign against the bin tax is getting local groups working and then in the next couple of months we will be having a conference where we will be electing a committee to organise and run the campaign.

This should be made up of representatives from all the local groups. The campaign will be successful when on every street in this city there is a person who is convincing their neighbors not to pay this tax. Put this bill where in belongs - in the bin and get involved in this campaign.

Contact Dermot (087-6277606) to find out about the campaign in your area.

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