Bin Tax: We are winning

In Dun Laoghaire last year of 65,000 active accounts

21,758 have paid nothing

15,000 have paid everything

For this year 40,000 have so far paid nothing

In Dublin Corporation by the 11th June less then 3% had paid anything, the council expected 25%

Liberties Campaign against the Bin Charges

The Liberties Campaign against the Bin Charges has slowly come into life. In April and May, four of us who live in the area met to organise opposition to the Bin Charge. Two of us were anarchists and two were members of the Socialist Party. We drew up a short leaflet and some posters advertising a meeting to be held in The Scholars Bar.

About 3,000 leaflets were delivered door to door and 20 or so posters were put up. This was no mean feat and we were only able to do it because a few others who were living locally came on board. The meeting in Scholars was quite well attended, about 25 turned up. This is a good start to the campaign, but obviously if its to be strong we will need to have a lot more people actively involved.

The Water Tax was defeated by a mass non-payment campaign, and I know the same is possible here. We need to take control over what is happening on our streets and in our communities. We can't leave it up to someone else or to some other political party or organisation to do this for us. If you live in the Liberties, keep an eye out, with bills coming in the doors, we will soon be calling more meetings. Then, with your help, the Liberties Campaign against the Bin Charges can really start to make a difference. Or contact the campaign by ringing Dermot at 087-6277606.

Aileen, Liberties campaign

Campaign builds in Walkinstown

The campaign against the bin charges in Walkinstown started unpromisingly, with a meeting in April of less than a dozen people. But once Dublin Corporation started sending out the first batch of bills it made all the difference. Local activists leafleted the area for another meeting in the Crumlin Social Services Centre. Almost 100 people came along to the meeting to find out more about the bin charges, and to see how they could be beaten.

Ray Cunningham, Walkinstown campaign

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