Bin Tax : Building for the future

Dermot Sreenan who is on the ad-hoc co-ordination committee for the Corporation area looks ahead to the sort of victory we need.

When the Water Charges were defeated 4 years ago we wrote

"The working class people of Dublin had organised, rallied and won an important victory. Double taxation was over and this is due to the policy of mass resistance, organisation and direct action. The political establishment had once again thought they could exploit the working class for yet more money. But this time they had their noses bloodied. The fight is not over but the victory is certainly ours. In time to come we should remember this victory and how it was won because the politicians will not be long before they come up with a new method to exploit us while they leave the rich to get richer. We must remember that direct action and mass resistance destroyed their best laid plan this time and be ready to employ these tactics again when they unveil their new tricks."

The time for that new fight is now. I myself have been on the Dublin Corporation Anti-Bin Tax committee doing the initial work of commencing the fight. The most important thing that we must do is make people aware that we will not be paying this double tax. But after that it's the way in which we beat this charge that counts. Each area has to hold meetings when the bills drop in the door getting this message across. Then a group has to be set up with the local residents in each area working towards getting new members into the campaign. Local residents must start the collection of money for membership so that we can defend non-payers in court if necessary. Each person has a role to play.

Thankfully the political activists kicked off this campaign by setting the wheels in motion. The time is now for local people get involved in the campaign, take ownership of it and start the resistance to this tax. Political groups will not win this campaign - direct action and mass resistance of the people will. As anarchists we are not interested in leading people to resist this double tax - we want people to feel the empowerment of taking this fight to the council themselves and taking control back of their own destiny's. When we win this time the working class should walk away from this fight knowing that when we stand together we cannot be beaten. That's the knowledge that we need to walk into the next fight with.

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