The complete edition of
"Izvestiia of the Provisional Revolutionary Committee of Sailors, Soldiers and Workers of the town of Kronstadt"

In March of 1921 the naval town of Kronstadt, heart of the 1917 revolutions rose against the Bolshevik dictatorship. Their program is often distorted by Leninist parties today into one of counter revolution when in reality they stood in the real tradition of the October revolution. The rising was brutally crushed.

Here is an English translation of each of the 14 papers published by the Provisional Revolutionary Committee elected by the rebellion. Judge for yourself who the real counter revolutionaries were, the rebels or Lenin and the Bolshevik party.

'The Kronstadt Commune' by Ida Mett is an excellant introduction to the background history of the rising and it's main events. See October 1917 : A lost opportunity for socialism? for other material on Kronstadt and the Russian revolutions.

Number 1:    Wednesday, March 3rd, 1921 - includes the resolution that is often presented as the program of the rebellion
Number 2:    Friday, March 4th, 1921 - includes the inital orders of the revolutionary committee and a statement from the local Communist Party
Number 3:    Saturday, March 5th, 1921 - Communist Party members during the rebellion
Number 4:    Sunday, March 6th, 1921 - the texts of radio messages and leaflets from the Bolsheviks
Number 5:    Monday, March 7th, 1921  - more CP resignations, first executuions, proposed exchange of delegates
Number 6:    Tuesday, March 8th, 1921 - Bolsheviks fire the first shots at Kronstadt
Number 7:    Wednesday, March 9th, 1921 - About the executions in Oranienbaum
Number 8:    Thursday, March 10th, 1921 - Kronstadt appeals to the Communist rank and file soldiers
Number 9:    Friday, March 11th, 1921 - How the Provisional Revolutionary Committee was formed in Kronstadt
Number 10:  Saturday, March 12th, 1921 - Lists the members of the Provisional Revolutionary Committee
Number 11:  Sunday, March 13th, 1921 - Kronstadt was, is and will always be Red
Number 12:  Monday, March 14th, 1921 - bloody Trotsky opened fire on Red Kronstadt
Number 13:  Tuesday, March 15th, 1921 - Feeding horses with substitutes can support the horse
Number 14:  Wednesday, March 16th, 1921 - The dawn of the 3rd Revolution is rising

Translated by Scott Zenkatsu Parker, edited by Mary Huey as part of the translation of The Truth About Kronstadt. Originally presented in 1992 as part of an Honors Thesis to the Faculty of the Department of German, Russian, and East Asian Languages and Literatures at Bates College in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science.

Copyright © 1992, 1998 by Scott Zenkatsu Parker.

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